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  • November 2011

Neuroscience Group

Are you one of the millions in the United States who suffer from a disease or chronic illness of the nervous system? Neuroscience Group, Neenah, is a multispecialty practice focused on the comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the nervous system, including the brain, spine and nerves.

In 2011, the Neuroscience Group hit a special milestone — 20 years of providing excellence in brain, spine and pain care. This milestone gave the Group an exciting opportunity to launch a special campaign, "20 Years 20 Stories," which offers a better look at who they are and how they have impacted their patients' care.

Throughout the next year, 20 stories from patients who have received treatment by the Neuroscience Group, in a variety of ways, will be featured on the company Web site and through social media channels. They include patients like Justin Konitzer, who received a neck injury from lifting weights and needed surgery. After his procedure, he regained full rotation of his neck and was able to play with his kids again. Or Lorna Hendricks, who before coming to the Neuroscience Group was told by multiple physicians that her stooped posture and difficulty walking, caused by a complicated problem in her spine, could never be corrected. She underwent treatment at the Neuroscience Group and today has her balance back, reduced pain and improved posture. And Jean Wegner, a patient who had multiple issues as a result of her Parkinson's disease such as limited mobility, frequently falling down and needing to use a walker. Instead of taking more medications, Jean began a research-based physical therapy program, the LSVT (Lee Silverman Voice Treatment)/BIG program, offered at the Neuroscience Group that has restored her flexibility and more importantly, has her walking without a walker. You can hear about these stories and many more at

Established in 1991, the Neuroscience Group provides highly trained and well-respected specialists in neurology and neurosurgery, orthopedic spine surgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, chiropractic care and physical and occupational therapy. They help patients with illnesses such as back, neck and nerve pain; headache and migraines; Parkinson's disease; stroke; epilepsy; multiple sclerosis; memory concerns; vertigo and dizziness; balance disorders and much more. Also, patients can see many of the physicians at Neuroscience Group without having a referral.

At the Neenah campus, collaboration among specialists from all areas takes place under one roof. A patient is able to receive comprehensive care, from diagnosis to treatment, oftentimes eliminating the need to make appointments with multiple providers at multiple locations. Advancements in technology and medicine have also brought about new treatments such as minimally invasive procedures and new FDA treatments that can all help improve a patient's recovery and way of life.

If you're experiencing pain or have questions about your health related to your brain or spine, contact the Neuroscience Group at (800) 201-1194. The Neuroscience Group is located at 1305 W. American Dr., Neenah. Visit for more information. You can also find Neuroscience Group on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, sharing their successful patient stories as well as health-related topics that are sure to interest anyone.

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