Business Profile
  • Southeast Wisconsin
  • December 2011
Written by  Amy L. Wilson

Olivu 426 – A company borne from nature

In 2003, a young snowmobile racer named Adam was badly burned while building a practice track. Recovering after a flight-for-life ride to Milwaukee's St. Mary's burn unit, his therapist warned against store-bought lip balm, feeling it was a gimmick. Adam's girlfriend, Caitlin Brotz, produced a natural recipe suggested by the therapist, and yielded a lifetime supply of lip balm. Caitlin packaged it, shared it with friends, and continued her search about the healing powers of all-natural ingredients. She concocted an all-natural, alcohol-free body lotion that also contributed to Adam's miraculous recovery, and in 2005, a fully recovered Adam was set to race at the Colorado X Games. Sadly, he died in an auto accident that year, and Caitlin's grief fueled her determination to keep his memory alive.

Olivü 426 was borne from tragedy and nature. A tribute to Adam, 426 was his racing number. Caitlin's experience with him led her to a lifetime of research and development with natural ingredients. She now creates fresh, holistic options for eczema, psoriasis and dry, cracked skin sensitivities. She even blends her own all-natural anti-aging serums and anti-balding soaps. One of the most popular products she's developed is hard-to-find, Super Rich Emu Lotion blended with Sesame Seed Oil and Olive Oil, injected with hydrating properties that deliver fatty acids, lipids, humectants, vitamins and much more to the skin's outer layers. It's a Wisconsin wintertime favorite among her customers. "People drive to Sheboygan from the Fox Valley, Milwaukee and even distant rural areas to stock up on our Emu Lotion for the winter. It's a great product at a reasonable price that delivers natural healing, preventing skin from cracking and flaking — even under the harshest conditions," explains Caitlin.

Nestled in Sheboygan's bustling downtown shopping district, Olivü 426 is a quaint, cozy experience from the start. Birch trees and sweet cherry blossoms loom in the window displays and pleasing aromas of lavender, pine and grapefruit swirl through the air as you enter. A laboratory, disguised as an adorable country kitchen, is where Caitlin and her staff blend lotions, body sprays, soaps, lip balms, anti-aging serums, sugar scrubs, shaving oils, massage oils and more — all from the world's finest natural ingredients. The best part of this trip is that not only will Caitlin and her staff teach you to blend your own customized beauty and care regime, but you can choose your own scent for any product from an array of essential oils and fragrances. And you can personalize complimentary labels and gift wrap!

Olivü 426 is a "must-do" during this winter's holiday road trips. Caitlin has been featured on PBS and Fox 11's Living with Amy, and she'll be featured on Discover Wisconsin this spring. Stop by Olivü 426 at 511 N. 8th Street in Sheboygan, or visit for more information. Simply type PATHWAYS into the online checkout for 10 percent off your order placed before the end of December.

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