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  • December 2011

Eclipse Energy and Home Performance

With rising energy rates and winter now upon us, many Wisconsin residents are asking themselves what can be done to curb those costs. Can my home be more comfortable? Is my home safe? How closely related are roofing, siding, ventilating, window efficiency, humidity and heating to these issues and how does it tie together? Moreover, who do I call to identify potential problems and what are some cost effective measures that can be taken to stop wasting energy needlessly?

Having found its roots in architectural design and cutting its teeth in the solar industry in the mid-1980s, Sun Roofing has been servicing residents of Central Eastern Wisconsin for 17 years in the general home-improvement industry.

With the advent of the "Green Movement" spurred by a resurgence of energy consultants nationwide, Sun Roofing saw a need to look at homes from a more scientific or whole house approach. While we have helped hundreds of owners beautify their homes inside and out, we felt we could do more. Therefore, in the summer of 2008, we started searching for ways to do just utility expenditures started to rival mortgage payments, and with the crash of the real estate market, how can we help people move toward responsible energy management and achieve a higher level of energy efficiency and reduce use, curb costs and acquire more comfort at the same time? Thus, Eclipse Energy was formed as a division of Sun Roofing.

Eclipse Energy and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR can save residents energy and money.

A good home performance evaluation is the first step and will give you a road map of the most cost effective measures to be made to help your home be safer, more comfortable and efficient!

As energy consultants certified through Focus on Energy, Eclipse Energy identifies money-saving strategies with home evaluations.

For a no-obligation phone pre-consultation call us today at (920) 954-5412 and ask for Sean Collins.

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