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Written by  Carolyn Dargevics

“Persevering with Brain Cancer: A Search for Hope and Health, The Jeff & Kris Story" by Jeff Schmiedel

Aug. 26, 2002, began as a normal Monday for Jeff and Kris Schmiedel in Oshkosh. Jeff was at the YMCA, and Kris was at her job as a transcriptionist for a physician. Once home, Jeff received a phone call that Kris had had a seizure and the ambulance was on its way.

Later that day, they met with a neurosurgeon for the results of Kris's MRI. Kris had a brain tumor, and she would need surgery immediately. Neither Kris nor Jeff knew what a mass or a lesion was. A week later, the tumor was removed, and the pathology report stated grade 3 oligoastrocytoma. In November, after radiation therapy, Kris was given a clean bill of health without the need for chemotherapy.

However, in January, the tumor returned with a vengeance, giving Kris unrelenting headaches and propelling her into a horrific seizure. This time, the prognosis was grim. After surgery, she might live four months without chemotherapy, or possibly eight months with chemotherapy. Kris was 36 years old, vibrant, energetic, and healthy. They had been married only three years and were planning to start their family.

Jeff was at a loss as to what to do. Conventional medicine had failed them, and now Kris was given a death sentence with no way out.

What follows in "Persevering with Brain Cancer" is Jeff and Kris's journey to do everything possible to prolong Kris's life with hopes of curing her cancer. The story conveys their choices and experiences, a few that weren't helpful, but many others that were, giving Jeff and Kris another five years together.

As you read their story, you will get to know Kris and Jeff as real people. They could be your family members, neighbors or friends. They had real dreams, real jobs and real ambitions. They enjoyed entertaining friends, taking trips and going out to dinner.

The purpose of Jeff telling their story is for you to know that natural approaches to healthcare are available in addition to conventional medicine. He would like you to know the benefits of natural health and noninvasive treatments.

The book reads like a novel, but has photos, MRI scans and medical reports. It follows the years before Kris's first diagnosis, when Kris and Jeff met, to the years after Kris's death, as Jeff deals with the loss of his best friend and the emptiness after being her primary caregiver. Included are the timeline of Kris's brain cancer, testimonials, glossary and resources.

This is a must-read for anyone experiencing a terminal illness or the loss of a loved one. Buy it for yourself or a friend. "Persevering with Brain Cancer: A Search for Hope and Health" by Jeff Schmiedel is available at or Apple Blossom Books, Oshkosh, (920) 230-3395.

Carolyn Dargevics is the owner of Your Publishing Source, LLC, Neenah. For more information, call (920) 203-3610 or visit

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