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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • November 2010

Natural Healing Solutions

Natural Healing Solutions, owned and operated by Carol Ann & Carl Sterken, has been providing like-minded health conscious customers with a unique service since 2008. They have created a tranquil and calming atmosphere for your colonic experience with soothing sounds of water coupled with the relaxing and healing sounds of soft music.

Good health is your choice! Natural Healing Solutions believes colon hydro therapy (also referred to as a colonic) is a very important modality in maintaining good health. Carol Ann has experienced the benefits of colon hydro therapy personally and is a big proponent of colonics and regular detoxing. A few years back she had developed several chronic conditions and colon hydro therapy, along with a proper diet of fresh fruits, raw nuts, vegetables and herbs, played a tremendous part in her quest to regain optimal health.

Your colon is the number one method your body eliminates toxins. The build-up of toxic debris weakens the colon muscles and impairs their functioning. If you’re not eliminating regularly, these toxins will stay trapped in your body, lodged in your organs and cells. Over time, this accumulation can cause disease and obesity. Your colon affects all the other organs in your body. When it’s impacted, your liver can’t function properly. When your liver can’t work efficiently, your kidneys will suffer, your lungs will not perform optimally and so on. The colon is where all the waste in our bodies is stored until it is ready for elimination. If you’re not eliminating 2-3 times per day the old feces stores up in your colon and proteins start to decay, fats turn rancid, carbohydrates ferment and all of these toxins are reabsorbed and circulate back to our bloodstream attacking our organs and joints causing diseases.

While your lungs, skin, kidneys and liver also serve to eliminate toxins, people have experienced throughout history that when they make certain their colon is cleansed and rejuvenated, the wellbeing of the whole body is greatly enhanced. Colon hydrotherapy helps to restore the pH balance to the body, stimulates the immune system and allows free passage of nutrients into your blood. Cleansing your colon is a valuable modality in treating disease and promoting wellness. Colonics cannot solve all health problems, but is a very important therapy in the overall quest for vibrant health.

Natural Healing Solutions is located at 345 E. Wisconsin Ave., Suite #6, at the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Drew Street in Appleton. The hours of operation are by appointment only Monday – Friday (also offering evening appointments.) Please visit them online at, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call Natural Healing Solutions at (920) 830-3909 or visit them during their open house on Nov. 16 from 6 to 8 p.m.

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