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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • February 2012
Written by  Kimberly Jennings

An Angel’s Influence Healing Cooperative

An Angel’s Influence Healing Cooperative is a local and international community of like-minded, high-integrity practitioners and facilitators of healing that together: commit to their own health and wellness; create opportunities to market their own business and the businesses of other members; and join together to create a safe community of growth and support.

My name is Kimberly Jennings and I created An Angel’s Influence Crystal Reading & Therapy in my head a long time before it became a reality on the physical plane. My excuse was always that I had a great-paying job I enjoyed, why would I change; and besides, my family relied solely on my income. My thoughts have always been powerful in my life and our lifestyle was about to change drastically. On a subconscious level I may have influenced my new direction without consciously being a part of it. The corporation I worked for was about to leave the country and I chose to stay. It was done. A new direction was happening all on its own.

Our cooperative journey together began approximately three years ago. I was going through a huge shift in my personal and professional life. I was looking for direction and comfort, sometimes finding it in the most unusual of circumstances and people. I have always been attracted to stones and crystals. So I went to a local store and purchased a stone that said it would assist in finding my heart’s desire (peace). Little did I know at the time that this one stone would turn my current world upside down and inside out even more than was already happening.

The old was coming out and the new was making a beeline toward me whether I wanted it to or not. What worked for me before was obsolete and I have never been someone to settle for what no longer works. So the journey began …in my own growth I have used crystal therapy and meditation to guide my path since I was little. I felt compelled to share ancient stone knowledge and used crystals to tell me messages for others. This then directed me to access the spiritual realms for further information. I then sent out a spiritual message for others like me, I was feeling lonely and knew I needed a supportive network. My personal practice has introduced me to scholars and beginners that have valuable resources and ancient knowledge located inside their own DNA. Over time this network of highly developed and wise beings evolved into what we now call our Healing Cooperative. I am now travelling the world to assist in spreading the love in other countries and it’s amazing to watch the transformations.

Membership in the cooperative offers the opportunity to easily create a lifestyle of health and wellness. We ask our clients to invest time and money into their personal health and development; however, do we as practitioners invest in our own health and wellness? This healing cooperative allows you to walk your talk. Listed below are the practitioners that are located in the downtown Menasha Wellness Center to assist you on your journey. Whether you are a practitioner or a client seeking council, we offer a variety of services to meet your needs.

I invite all of you reading this article to join us for our very own monthly educational and networking event called D.I.V.A., the 3rd Thursday of each month. You will be surrounded by like-minded people, experience stone of the month, a live auction and whole foods. We offer this as a supportive network already established with integrity and truth. Please visit our Web site at for more information or join our network and expand your consciousness.

Practioners and Services available at An Angel’s Influence

  • Kimberly Jennings, CT, Vibrational Medicine and Crystal Therapist
  • Michelle Novenski, MM, Intuitive, Akasic Record Reader, 
    Mind/Body Analysis, Open Heart Energy Balancing
  • Linda Spiegelberg, Spiritual Response Therapy, Healing Touch Practitioner~Apprentice
  • Malia Lesavage, Sound Healing
  • Susan Reis, Sound Therapist, Teacher, Author, Soul Song Therapy
  • Kathy Welhouse, Spiritual Director, Healing Touch Practitioner and 
    Dreamwork Specialist
  • Deb Teubert, Animal Holistic Health Practitioner & Psycharomatica
  • Joann Mariahazy, Healing Facilitator and Intuitive Artist
  • Susan Paul, Reiki Master Practitioner, Ear Candling and Aromatherapy
  • Lisa Kelly, Intuitive Council
  • Scott Resch, MS, RYT, CYT, CTA, Yoga Fitness
  • Ann Pelot, Grains to Greens, Whole Food Nutritionist
  • Rachel Mahnke, Intuitive Council & Angel Light Healing
  • Kimberly Jennings: Vibrational Medicine, Spiritual Guidance Facilitator and Crystal Therapist.

Ever since she was 2.5 years old, Kimberly Jennings has drawn from life’s lessons to discern what Truth is and isn’t. Using energy medicine, sound, oils and crystals, Kimberly works all over the world facilitating the healing process to hundreds of clients. She can be reached at 920-268-1400, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

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