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TIBIA as a community, firmly rooted in grace and gratitude, extends an invitation to participate where unique and collective contributions are divinely realized. That’s our mission statement.

Would you like to dance with invisible realities in creating professional sessions? To facilitate empowerment and healing for yourself and others? To experience your intuition as a daily practical guide and professional tool? To work with energy effectively and wisely?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, TIBIA’s programs are designed for you! Four transformative programs begin on the 25th of this month. Each life-changing program leaves you embodying your unique gifts with greater insight, confidence and ease — and trusting in the unseen support that co-creates each session with you. 
We’ll explore each program as we take you on a tour of TIBIA’s three divisions, each introduced through their own mission statements.

TIBIA Massage School, extraordinarily committed to student learning, growth, transformation and success, provides a uniquely grounded educational experience with signature training in energy, intuition, massage and bodywork therapy.

The school offers a 675-hour massage program, a 200-hour Transformational Bodywork Course and a multitude of Continuing Education courses, some of them open to the public.

The massage program, which features Eastern and Western Bodywork tracks, builds energy and intuitive awareness into your training. If you’re already trained in massage, you can take the Transformational Bodywork Course and learn to engage intuitively with your clients’ physical and energetic systems to support bodymind transformation. Additional Continuing Education courses address energy, intuition, ethics and various therapeutic modalities.

TIBIA IntuAction Institute provides a tangible education in the practices of centered presence, intentional gratitude and expanded awareness, collectively generating inspired action. Imagine knowing how to return at will to your inner peace, guidance and awareness of being in the flow.

Classes, workshops and retreats complement two longer programs: the 540-hour IntuAction Program, where you learn to recognize and interpret your intuition in daily life and spoken sessions, and the 325-hour Energetic Training Program, where you learn to facilitate healing through energy sessions that leave you, the practitioner, feeling energized too.

TIBIA Healing Center provides a compassionate, honoring environment where exceptionally trained practitioners make a palpable difference with clients physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Of course they’re exceptionally trained: they’re TIBIA graduates! Offerings include massage/bodywork, energy sessions and intuitive (spoken) sessions. You can try all three in one day for a mini-retreat at a special rate.

TIBIA’s courses are conveniently scheduled on evenings and weekends. The Healing Center is open seven days a week and offers gift certificates. Essential oils and other retail products are available during daytime hours.

Located in Madison at 6225 University Avenue, Suite 202, TIBIA is more than a resource for sessions and training. It’s a community devoted to partnering with a greater reality to promote healing, grace and peace.

For more information, visit, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 608-238-7378.


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