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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • March 2012

Wise Woman Wellness, LLC

Two thoughts compelled Randi Mann, NP as she considered the idea of venturing out on her own into business: “There is a gap in health care for women,” and “What can I do to fill this gap and help women?” This was the motivational force behind Randi Mann’s determination to establish a unique wellness center exclusively for women and women’s health issues – Wise Woman Wellness.

Randi Mann has been a Nurse Practitioner since 1981 and a Board Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner since 1993. In 2008, Randi achieved the prestigious Menopause Practitioner Certification by the North American Menopause Society. She is one of only a handful of healthcare providers in the state with this distinction. Her dedication to women’s health issues brought her to the realization of the large number of women who would greatly benefit from a specialist in hormonal imbalances; hormonal imbalances that can affect women of all ages from PMS in teens to post menopause in women. With that focus in mind, Randi established Wise Woman Wellness in 2009 and quickly began to add services she knew would support not only hormone health in women, but also an overall wellbeing for women to achieve a balanced, healthy, joy-filled life.

Today, when you walk into Wise Woman Wellness in De Pere, you will find a warm, inviting environment with a menu of services to nourish and support women’s body, mind and spirit. Women of all ages can find help for medical, nutritional, physical and emotional issues. Wise Woman Wellness offers hormone testing, natural hormone replacement therapy, nutrition and supplement guidance, life coach and wellbeing counseling, physical therapy, food sensitivity testing and much more.

Nutritional Healing at Wise Woman Wellness focuses on healing the body through the nutrition we are putting into it. Many of the chronic diseases we suffer are a direct result of unhealthy lifestyle habits and poor nutrition. Services include: Body Composition Analysis, therapeutic lifestyle program, pharmacy grade medical food and supplements, food sensitivity testing and elimination/rotation diets, and nutritional guidance counseling and seminars.

Natural Options at Wise Woman Wellness is a learning series devoted to providing information to women about natural options for creating wellbeing. Monthly seminars in a comfortable, state-of-the-art classroom cover a variety of subjects with expert presenters speaking on supplements, exercise, nutrition, hormone health, sexual health and more.

Directions Life Coaching at Wise Woman Wellness supports women in their quest to be their best self possible and live a meaningful and fulfilling life. Services include: one-on-one personal life coaching, group life coaching through the Just For Me™ Program, and monthly presentations under the Exceptional Life Series that challenges each individual to push beyond the status quo, create opportunities and move forward in their lives.

Wise Woman Wellness is truly unique in its offerings and dedication to women. For full details on all the services provided at Wise Woman Wellness, visit the Web site at To schedule an appointment or register for a seminar, contact the center at 920-339-5252.

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