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  • Southeast Wisconsin
  • March 2012
Written by  Beth Davis

Integrative Dental Solutions (IDS)

At Integrative Dental Solutions (IDS), doctors Ingo Mahn and Supriya Shetty are committed to providing holistic dental care using materials and methods that are the most beneficial to the overall health of their patients. Understanding the relationship between oral and physical health is at the foundation of their practice.

“The biggest difference between conventional dentistry and holistic dentistry is being aware of how the health of the mouth affects overall health,” says Dr. Mahn. “An infection in your mouth has the potential to cause disease in another part of the body.” Until a link was recently established between gum disease and heart disease, conventional dentistry had refuted that possibility.

Dr. Mahn says he began his path toward more natural dentistry more than 10 years ago. At the time, he was doing a significant amount of cosmetic dentistry and found that mercury amalgam (silver) fillings could not only damage teeth, but were also unattractive. As time went on, he developed a reputation among patients looking for a more natural approach. These patients would often visit his office armed with pamphlets conveying the dangers of these mercury-based amalgam fillings.

He says many people may suffer for years with unexplained chronic symptoms; unaware that those symptoms may be a result of toxic metals or infection in the mouth. “In the search for optimal health, oral infections and toxic heavy metals are often left untreated, despite the adverse effects these conditions can present,” he explains.

In fact, research indicates that exposure to dental mercury can be a serious health hazard, as mercury is released from these mercury-based dental fillings constantly. This can lead to a slow buildup of mercury in one’s organs, tissues and cells, especially if the patient is unable to properly excrete these toxins. Dr. Mahn explains that in some patients, even short-term exposure to small amounts of mercury can cause symptoms such as fatigue, irritability and memory loss.

Amalgams can be removed, but it is critical to be done safely as the vapors and particles can enter the body if not done properly. Dr. Mahn and Dr. Shetty use the most advanced amalgam removal protocols to eliminate the old, mercury-based materials safely and painlessly, and will replace them with a biocompatible composite white filling material — an important part of the process.

“People are often surprised how much better they feel after these fillings are removed,” says Dr. Shetty. “Sometimes it’s gradual and sometimes it is dramatic.” She warns that people shouldn’t assume that just because they have a white filling that it is a healthy filling as some dentists use non-biocompatible composites that may contain toxic filler materials. IDS offers biocompatibility testing of dental materials by an on-site naturopath.

IDS is unique in that it combines holistic dentistry with the very latest in dental technology including: CAD/CAM technology that allows the doctors to make long-lasting porcelain restorations in a single visit; a digital radiography system that reduces exposure to x-rays by up to 90 percent; and drill-less dentistry or air abrasion that prepares teeth using a stream of air and particles. They also offer non-surgical gum therapy using lasers and ozone that treats the cause of the problem, and oral surgery done using holistic techniques — all in an effort to do what is best for the patient.

Dr. Mahn says it is important that patients and other practitioners consider IDS a part of their integrative healthcare team. He is so passionate about integrative care that in 2004 he earned a doctorate degree from Capital University of Integrative Medicine in Washington, DC so that he could better understand his patients and communicate more effectively with other healthcare practitioners.

“I wanted to have a clear understanding of modalities such as energy-based therapies, acupuncture and cranial sacral therapy,” he explains. “It’s not something I practice, but if patients are to trust me with their health, I owe it to them to be as informed as possible.”

Both doctors consider education a crucial aspect of their practice — both for themselves and their patients. Each attends continuing education courses on a regular basis to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and procedures.

“When a patient comes back, shakes your hand and thanks you for improving their life, it makes you want to try that much harder,” says Dr. Mahn.

Beth Davis is with Integrative Dental Solutions, located at 23770 Capitol Drive in Pewaukee. For more information, call 262-691-4555 or visit

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