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Animal Doctor

It is rare that you walk into a veterinary clinic today that smells of aromatherapy and emanates massage music. Where cats are sleeping in their little beds and you are greeted by a knowledgeable receptionist who encourages you to feed natural foods and treats. It is even more uncommon that the veterinarian discourages you from vaccinating your pet. Instead, she explains what a titer is and that this is the safer and more intelligent method for pet protection. She gives you the opportunity to ask questions and learn. Where the focus is on your pet’s health, not what he is “due for.” Your visit is about options and a new way of thinking about pet health care. As uncommon and rare is it may be, this is available to you in Muskego at the Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex.

Dr. Jodie and her staff have been providing clients and patients with exceptional service for over two decades. Locals don’t realize that customers come from all over Wisconsin and Illinois for this unique service. Long distance phone consultations are also available.

Animal Doctor is listed in the top five veterinary facilities in southeastern Wisconsin.

Dr. Jodie, who is certified in veterinary acupuncture and attended the First International Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medical Symposium in China emphasizes, “Integrating natural, eastern techniques with good, solid, western medicine is the best approach for safe and effective pet health care. Excessive use of vaccines, pesticides, such as flea and tick spot-ons, and drugs with side effects, has become epidemic. We believe we are seeing an increase in allergies and cancer due to some of these practices. There are healthier alternatives.”

Whether you are searching for a new veterinarian or pleased with your pet’s current doctor, it is worth your time to schedule a visit at Animal Doctor to become informed about your additional options. Animal Doctor services can complement your pet’s current care, however, full services are offered, which include diagnostic testing, radiographs, dentistry, surgery, acupuncture, veterinary spinal manipulative therapy, herbal formulation and natural nutrition consultations.

“New clients always say that they are overwhelmed with the amount of information and the variety of product selection at their first visit,” Dr. Jodie adds. “These guardians love their pets and come in frequently to purchase unique, healthy treats or to ask questions about feeding raw bones, how to apply essential oils, how to select calming herbs for anxiety and more.”

The types of pet health concerns that Animal Doctor can address are endless. Be sure to visit their interactive Web site at New clients who bring in this article will receive buy one, get one ½ off supplements with their pet’s first visit.

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