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The Best Dermatology in Your Neighborhood – Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin

Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin is a comprehensive dedicated skin disease practice offering services for patients of all ages, in convenient offices throughout the state of Wisconsin.

“Having numerous office locations has two benefits for our patients,” says board-certified dermatologist, president and founder Dr. Kenneth Katz.

“First, when a patient has an acute problem such as a bad rash, hives, boils or shingles, we are actually able to see that patient the same day or the next day. We take a thorough, aggressive approach to treatment so we can bring relief as quickly as possible.”

“Second, this “proximity and convenience” approach to practice location means most patients don’t have to drive more than 20 minutes to receive the most comprehensive array of services available.”

“High-quality care is only good if a patient can get to it,” Dr. Katz points out. “Our approach means patients can usually schedule non-urgent appointments in less than a week, and be seen promptly when they arrive for consultations and treatment.”

In this practice, emphasizes Dr. Katz, both expertise and personality are important: “Patients may not remember where a doctor was trained, but they will remember a doctor who treats them kindly. That’s why we recruit our board-certified dermatologists from all across the country, seeking excellent credentials and compassionate, friendly people skills.”

Mohs Micrographic Skin Cancer Surgery

Highest cure rate for skin cancer; best cosmetic results

Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin has the state’s largest team of doctors who are fellowship-trained in Mohs Micrographic Skin Cancer Surgery. These doctors trained at some of the most prestigious centers in the country.

In 2011 alone, they performed over 6,700 of these highly specialized procedures, placing them among the most experienced, as well.

“During Mohs surgery, we remove the cancer and then process the tissue so we can examine the surgical margin,” explains Dr. Katz. “Once all the cancer cells have been removed, we perform reconstructive surgery to restore the cosmetic appearance. All that’s needed at that point is time for the patient to heal.”

Developed by Dr. Frederic E. Mohs at the University of Wisconsin, this microscopically controlled surgery results in a cure rate above 99%, compared with 85% to 92% for traditional skin cancer surgery.


Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin improves the communities they serve by decreasing the severity of skin disease through public awareness initiatives, personalized treatment plans, and effective collaboration with our partners in medicine. We provide timely access to highly qualified and caring staff that uses the best and most appropriate technologies in dermatology.

Our Southeast Wisconsin Locations


1245 Cheyenne Ave., Suite 301



5017 Green Bay Rd., Suite 138


Port Washington

1317 Grand Ave., Suite 5



1300 S. Green Bay Rd., Suite 303



3077 N. Mayfair Rd., Suite 305


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