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  • May 2012
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East Wisconsin Savings Bank – Walking the walk for 125 years

East Wisconsin Savings Bank is celebrating 125 years of commitment to Fox Valley people. Although the banking industry has experienced significant changes over the years, East Wisconsin has remained committed to their original purpose of providing a good, safe place for people to save while helping members achieve the goal of homeownership. They truly have been walking the walk for 125 years. As a local, member-owned savings bank, East Wisconsin has continued their commitment to the needs and lifestyles of local individuals.

It all began in Kaukauna, Wisconsin in 1887 with a vision of Fox Valley people pooling their hard-earned savings together to provide homeownership for family and friends. Back then, when D. J. Brothers drew up the building and loan association’s charter in long hand; this was not an area of satisfied homeowners as it is today. There were no electric lights, no waterworks or sewers, no improved streets and very limited school facilities.

The industrial revolution was in its infancy and railroad stops were just being constructed in the Valley. At that time, Norman J. Brokaw, a local manufacturer, had a vision of providing an opportunity for local workers to own a home. Mr. Brokaw knew that if workers were given the opportunity to own a home, their families would be stronger, they would be better employees and the community would reap the benefits. He saw the necessity for providing a means of financing the homes, and the building and loan plan presented the most logical solution. Brokaw saw the potential of people helping people to accomplish a goal.

The partnership began as local savers, seeking a good safe place to save, provided homeownership for family and friends. Each payday, members agreed to deposit a portion of their check into a share account. As funds accumulated, member’s names would be drawn to borrow the money to build a home. From that base East Wisconsin’s founders established a wonderful legacy and thousands of satisfied homeowners and successful savers have followed.

Currently, East Wisconsin has six convenient locations (Kaukauna, Little Chute, Kimberly, Freedom, Appleton and Greenville) to enhance their ability to provide the most up-to-date banking products and services.

Besides helping members … Build a ‘Wonderful Life’ by providing proven banking solutions and personal attention, the East Wisconsin team likes to have fun! They especially enjoy the Your Ticket Community Events program that began in 2009. It involves people winning tickets to all kinds of special community events (concerts, sports, theatre, arts, festivals, etc.). The promotion is open to all area residents.

To help celebrate their 125th anniversary, East Wisconsin is adding an exciting dimension to the “Your Ticket” promotion. With the new WIN125 program, there will be 125 Super “Sticky Ticket” packages given away to lucky winners between April and August. Each of the WIN125 packages will be valued at a minimum of $125.00. Why not join the fun by getting your “Sticky Ticket” to win! It’s open to all area residents. You can check out the details by visiting or stop in and have some fresh popcorn while you learn more about this exciting program.

East Wisconsin Savings Bank

Kaukauna • 920-766-4646

Appleton • 920-731-5858

Kimberly • 920-788-3522

Little Chute • 920-759-0532

Greenville • 920-757-9770

Freedom • 920-788-6341

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