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Reaching success … one shoulder, one elbow, one hand, one patient at a time – Hand and Upper Extremity Center of Northeast Wisconsin, Ltd. celebrates Healthy Hands Week, June 4th-10th

Healthy Hands Week is an integrated national program sponsored by the American Society of Hand Therapists (ASHT). For one week ASHT members sponsor and organize events promoting the benefits and services certified hand therapists provide.

At Hand and Upper Extremity Center of Northeast Wisconsin, Ltd., our therapists relish the thought of Healthy Hands Week. Our seventeen occupational and physical therapists combine their talents in providing educational information to the general public — demonstrating the advantages of prevention and treatment for patients who have been affected by an accident, trauma or everyday wear and tear.

Healthy hands are important to everyone. Our hands are our tools to our freedom. Each hand provides the right tool when gardening, cooking, clapping, digging … the list is endless. Without the aid of healthy hands, life could be a difficult gig to perform.

At Hand and Upper Extremity Center, board-certified, fellowship-trained physicians — Drs. Toivonen, Cherney, Lumsden, Olvey, Cullen and Van Zeeland — work directly with the therapists. Both surgeons and therapists are committed to providing expert knowledge and expert care to all patients. Our highly trained staff provides unmatched expertise in rehabilitation of the shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist, hand and finger. All therapists are licensed with the State of Wisconsin and have specialized training in hand and arm rehabilitation, which includes fabricating custom orthoses/splints, wound and edema management, and post-operative and conservative treatment to help restore patient function to normal life activities.

In honor of Healthy Hands Week, the American Society of Hand Therapists (ASHT) has compiled a few tips on keeping hands healthy during summer cookouts!

  • Stand up straight – Nerves that operate your fingers start in your neck. When chopping, dicing or grilling, take a moment to stand up straight; turn your head from side to side and up and down to relieve pressure on your neck and shoulders.
  • Use mitt-style potholders – Mitt-style potholder protect both the top and bottom of your hands. Grills and ovens are dangerous, always use oven mitts.
  • Clean cutlery carefully – Do not do a blind sweep into your soapy dishwater. Tendons can be easily lacerated if you accidently grab the blade instead of the handle. Use another utensil to locate the knife or clean knives individually.
  • Use lightweight kitchen equipment – Although glass is attractive, plastic is the safer option when entertaining.
  • Slide, do not lift – Heavy pots and pans can be difficult to handle; slide them off burners and onto hot pads.
  • Give yourself time – Don’t rush; accidents such as burns, lacerations and falls are more likely to happen if you are rushed. 

Hand and Upper Extremity Center is located at 2323 N. Casaloma Drive, Appleton. Both medical and therapy rehabilitation services are conveniently located in one location. All outsourced shoulder to fingertip therapy referrals are welcome. Call 920-730-8833 or visit for additional information on services provided. We invite you to LIKE US on Facebook at http://

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