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Travels of your food - All of our products and services are open to the public

Your food probably travels more than you do. It takes the typical food item 1,500 to 2,400 miles to travel from farm to plate. A head of California lettuce shipped to Wisconsin requires 36 times more fuel energy just to transport than the caloric food energy it provides us. 20% of total fuel consumption in the U.S. goes toward food (growing, packaging and transporting). In other words, due to the distance our food travels, each person consumes about one gallon of gasoline every day, simply by eating.

That is why the Oneida Nation Farm and Tsyunhehkwa (joon-hey-qwa) are trying to provide more locally grown, nutritionally dense food to area communities. It all starts on the farms. This involves everything from preparing fields, selecting crops and seeds, planting and cultivating, ensuring adequate soil fertility so the plants have all the nutrients they need to grow, managing pests (such as weeds, insects and diseases), harvesting the crop and then managing the crop residue in the field.

The agricultural products are then brought either to a processing facility (beef and bison) or to the Oneida Cannery (fruits and vegetables). Tsyunhehkwa processes its own poultry onsite. At the cannery, they get processed into jams, jellies, salsa, pickles, pie filling, apple chips and of course, the traditional white corn, which is made into over 6 products (flour, bread, meal and dehydrated). The folks at the cannery are concerned about the community’s well-being and they use only the healthiest ingredients in their canning process.

When the processing is complete, the products are then either taken to the Oneida Apple Orchard or Tsyunhehkwa Retail where anyone can purchase these nutritionally dense foods. At this point your food hasn’t traveled thousands or even hundreds of miles, but only a dozen or so.

The Oneida Nation Farm operates a cattle and bison operation, from our farm to your table. No steroids, hormones or animal by-products are used. The Oneida Nation Farm features a “Point-of-Origin” cow-calf pasture, a beef feedlot and pastured bison herd. The Apple Orchard has 34 acres of orchard with 35 different varieties. It has a variety of local meats such as: Black Angus and bison steaks, roasts and hamburgers. In addition, they have fresh produce, such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, squash and pumpkins.

Tsyunhehkwa program is a culturally and community-based agricultural entity of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin. The program consists of two components, agricultural & cannery. The agricultural component is located on a certified organic 80-acre site, which provides grass-fed beef, free range poultry, farm fresh eggs and organic produce. The cannery processes not only our products, but items produced by other areas of the Nation and the community. They work to be your educational resource in food security and pursuit toward self-sustainability.

So buy your natural Black Angus meat from the Oneida Nation Farm, your produce from the Oneida Apple Orchard, and get your certified organic produce and food processing needs from the Tsyunhehkwa program. For more information regarding the OCIFS programs, please visit us at our Web site: Your Satisfaction is the Difference!


Tsyunhehkwa Retail Store

3759 W. Mason St., Oneida


Farmer’s Market

N7332 Water Circle Place, Oneida

Thursdays, 12-6 p.m.

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