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Mystical Earth Gallery

North. South. East. West. Apparently in today’s world you can’t throw a rock without hitting some kind of healing center or a “healer.” Many of the healing modalities allow you to become a “Master” if you have a few bucks in your pocket and a weekend or two to become initiated. Some even allow you to hold “the book” to your solar plexus, “download” the material into your matrix and then they call you a master. These practices do not make you a master of anything. So then, what differentiates Mystical Earth Gallery’s Healing Center and its practitioners?

Lead by Master Jesse, the artist practitioners at Mystical Earth Gallery (MEG) are consummate professionals with education, experience and success in their fields. MEG offers energy healing work, chakra alignments, spiritual counseling, intuitive readings, massage therapy, holistic health counseling and an array of products to assist one in their journey to wellness.

Master Jesse has been practicing the healing arts for over 30 years. The evolution of his healing has lead him to create his own healing modality called APEX Sacred Geometric Healing. “This (APEX) was a natural progression for me. Working the sacred geometry and color light vibrational healing of Zenith, the art form I originally was trained in, gave me the basis to move forward and develop the healing techniques I now use,” stated Master Jesse.

In the summer of 2011 Master Jesse was able to work continuously in a vibrational frequency, which took 20 years to perfect and sustain. Previously he could only glimpse this frequency for a few seconds at a time. This frequency has increased the intensity of the work and many of his clients now realize the success of their goals with Master Jesse even faster than anticipated. This work has opened the windows to additional vibrational frequencies which Master Jesse uses in his work.

Essential Body Work and Massage moved into MEG Healing Center about a year ago. Originally from Neenah, Janet worked in Napa Valley, California for about ten years as a massage therapist professional. After working at various exclusive spas, the medical field and in her own practice simultaneously, Janet decided to come back home to Wisconsin, bringing back her expertise and experience.

“When I want the stress of the day to disappear, I go to Janet for one of her great massages,” states MEG owner, Jane Hamilton. Continuing, Hamilton says, “She’s able to find the exact right spot that needs work without my even pointing it out, apply her magic hands, and work out the tension and stress in my back. When she is done I feel totally fantastic.”

The newest member at the MEG Healing Center is Megan M. Kerkhoff, CHC, AADP, a certified health counselor. Megan, owner of Aayus Holistic Health Services, offers health counseling programs designed to radically improve your health and happiness. Certified to practice by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, as well as studying with the Naturopathic Medicine at Clayton College of Natural Health, Megan has developed programs that help her clients optimize their health.

Utilizing data from the Harvard Report on Cancer Prevention, Megan has used Dr. Otto Warburg’s Nobel Prize-winning research to develop a life-changing, easy-to-understand class and program called The Cancer Answer.

The Stress-Less program assists those for whom suffering from stress, anxiety or depression can seek assistance. Her programs and classes empower one to take control of their life and health. Contact MEG to schedule your complimentary consultation with Megan.

If in your search for wellness and optimum life experiences you seek something that is real, the Healing Center at Mystical Earth Gallery has the practitioners that can help you. Make that first step on your personal journey by placing a phone call or stopping by to inquire about how the professionals at MEG can help you.

Mystical Earth Gallery 112b E. College Ave., Appleton


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