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  • October 2012
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Natural Tresses Hair Extension Studio – Your “Extension” of Beauty

Often mistaken as “just another hair salon,” Natural Tresses, after only three years in business, has cleverly changed its name to Natural Tresses Hair Extension Studio, the only exclusive hair extension boutique in Wisconsin. Natural Tresses started as an online business in 2009, and in two short years opened their location in beautiful downtown Appleton, inside the city center plaza, to help men and women have a comfortable and cozy, yet elegant and discreet place to overcome the challenges of hair loss in an array of different ways.

Owner Jenesie Glow is a master extensionist with over 12 years of experience, and in February 2011 became a nationally certified wigmaster and trainer. Her passion is to help people rediscover their beauty and to restore what once was lost. As a three-time cancer survivor herself, she offers a wonderful solution to the hair loss challenge of chemotherapy, a devastation that she knows all too well.

Jenesie’s cancer story of her eight-plus years of battles and triumphs will bring tears to your eyes as well as inspiration to your heart, as she has found a way to use her experiences to help others. She has found a purpose in all of her adversities through her business, which serves many women of northeast Wisconsin who seek out Natural Tresses’ wonderful line of custom 100% human hair wigs and custom-made hair extensions.

Natural Tresses Hair Extension Studio, located inside the City Center Plaza on the second floor in downtown Appleton, is a company that began by offering hair restoration solutions for cancer victims that are custom-made and can help them feel like themselves again. What makes this occupation “So unique and so near and dear to my heart,” says Jenesie, “is having the ability to get with someone before chemo treatment and take their own hair, or possibly that of a family member, and create a custom look exactly the way they want. It’s what makes this a very unique and rare gift back to a person who loses so much.”

Natural Tresses also offers fashionable hair solutions, carrying everything from hair extensions in many different colors to custom hairpieces, ponytails and clip-in hair extensions, as well as wigs, wefted and bulk hair. Hair comes in lengths from six inches to 32 inches. Natural Tresses is proud to say that they are the only boutique in the area that can customize anything for you. If you have a vision, Natural Tresses can make it a reality. You will have no regrets.

Natural Tresses’ mission is to take the fear out of hair extensions by hiring experienced people that exclusively specialize in extensions, and only extensions, so that a client feels secure that our knowledge is far superior to anyone else’s.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Stop in for your GO Pink Hair Extensions for a donation of only $10! 

Natural Tresses Hair Extension Studio
10 E. College Ave., Suite 222, downtown Appleton, inside the City Center Plaza, 2nd floor
Hours are by appointment only
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