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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • January 2010
Written by  Nature's Pathways

New Balance Fox Valley – A shoe store where you will FIT right in!

The New Balance brand focuses on making quality athletic footwear to fit every foot. The company offers footwear in a variety of widths and sizes for men, women and children, including up to men’s size 20. By adding technology to increase cushion, add support and stability, and using materials that are lightweight and moisture-wicking, New Balance has found ways to make footwear that will enhance the wearer’s performance without compromising fit and overall comfort.

Although New Balance footwear is sold at many big-box stores throughout the United States, what many don’t understand is that there is a difference between the New Balance footwear that is sold at the chain stores and the New Balance footwear that is sold at New Balance Fox Valley.

These differences include the quality of the materials the footwear is made from, the technology that is built into the shoe, and most importantly, the amount of cushion and support in the shoe. New Balance Fox Valley also offers the most up-to-date styles. The benefit of buying these up-to-date styles is that the technology built into them is the most current, which means you have the opportunity to experience the latest and greatest in footwear.

New Balance Fox Valley opened in Appleton in 2003. The store is owned and operated by Vanderloop Shoes Inc. Like its parent-company, New Balance Fox Valley offers one-on-one customer service that starts with measuring a customer’s feet.

“Buying shoes is more than finding a size and assuming it will fit,” says New Balance Fox Valley Manager and Fit Specialist Andy Vanderloop, who stresses that just because a customer wears a certain size in one brand or style doesn’t mean they will always wear that size. Footwear fits differently depending on the shape of the shoe and the materials it is made of. Aside from the differences in footwear, feet also change.

“Your feet and shoe size can change because of reasons like weight gain or loss, pregnancy, and injury,” said Vanderloop. “I recommended treating your shoe size as a starting point and working from there.” Vanderloop suggests having your feet measured every time you shop for footwear.

Aside from footwear, New Balance Fox Valley also sells athletic and leisure apparel, hats, socks, insoles, duffel bags, and shoe care products.

New Balance Fox Valley is located at 1861 N. Casaloma Drive in Appleton — just a few blocks from the Fox River Mall. Store hours are Monday through Friday 10 am to 7 pm, Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm, and Sunday 11 am  to 4 pm. For more information about New Balance Fox Valley or Vanderloop Shoes visit or call New Balance Fox Valley at (920) 882-8585. Shop at New Balance Fox Valley…Where You Will FIT Right In!
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