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CClark Pilates

CClark Pilates Studio in downtown Neenah is a full-service Pilates studio that offers all the classic equipment, mat classes and both private and semi-private sessions. You can even create your own class options with four or more people. In order to discover what fits you best, CClark Pilates Studio offers a beginner package (a one-hour private session and two mat classes) for $30 to give you a chance to explore your options.

Pilates is for both men and women looking to learn how to move their bodies with true awareness and strength. It is an integrative, systematic approach to strengthening and stretching your body for better balance, posture and an overall feeling of well-being. Good posture yields more energy because it means you are not fighting gravity. Poor posture, on the other hand, results in a vicious cycle of deteriorating health due to unnecessary stress on joints and organs. If you think about it, good posture affects how others look at you and how you perceive yourself.

What distinguishes the Pilates method from the rest of the world of fitness are six fundamental principles and the use of the “powerhouse” or core. The six principles are: control, centering, concentration, precision, flow and breath. Moving with control from your center with concentration and precision while using proper breathing to create a natural flow from one exercise to the next is Pilates in action. While other exercise methods — like yoga, the martial arts and dance — follow these principles and crosscurrents, only at the heart of every movement in Pilates will you find all six principles working in harmony. With Pilates you will look and feel younger, stronger, more resilient and powerful in every aspect of your life.

Cathy Clark’s training began 11 years ago in Milwaukee and then continued in Chicago, New York City, Salt Lake City and Austin TX. She is trained in the classical style of Pilates through Power Pilates in New York City ( She has worked in many different venues, from private studios to health clubs to the University of Utah’s Pilates training facility, where she was voted top fitness trainer in 2011. Cathy decided to move back to the Midwest to be with family and friends and thinks biking rocks in Wisconsin and skate skiing is fabulous when there is snow!

To learn more, visit her website at or call 920-410-0026. You can also check out her schedule and pop in for a mat class. First class is free. Please phone ahead.


124 W. Wisconsin, Suite 225
Downtown Neenah’s Marketplace

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