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  • February 2013
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Budding Rose Health

“Life is the school, love is the lesson.”

This is the philosophy Rose Nicksic applies both in her journey through life and in her counseling services at Budding Rose Health. Her unique integration of education and healing abilities enables her to bring out each client’s highest potential in opportune ways. “We live in a world full of opportunities to learn from our particular ‘earth curriculum as divine beings,’” Rose says. “Life provides us with the experiences. Being in our inherent, loving nature is the way to transcend our growth.”

Rose, a reflexology practitioner, spiritual educator and licensed teacher, has a master’s degree in educational psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a master’s degree in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica. While attending USM, she acquired soul-centered skills in communication arts and counseling techniques. She also trained as a reflexology practitioner at TIBIA School of Massage in Madison. Her interest in life-long learning, growth and healing is a natural way for her to inspire and serve as a facilitator for others to awaken, recognize and get a deeper sense of their own nature and inner wisdom.

At Budding Rose Health, Rose applies the essence of spiritual psychology, which focuses on the evolution of consciousness, or learning how to recognize and surrender our issues. As Rose explains, “Letting go of anything that disturbs one’s inner peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”

Rose specializes in women’s in-home retreats: group sessions where she provides reflexology massages, intuitive readings, guidance and counseling, all in the context of spiritual psychology. The retreats are individualized based upon the specific area the participants wish to work on. To facilitate the best results, Rose encourages them to be open to new and limitless possibilities.

The world offers many places to go for healing and retreat. Working with Rose at Budding Rose Health is to work from the inside out. The process of going inside and restoring health is called “healing.” This inner work may be mental, physical, emotional and/or spiritual in nature. “When we learn to apply the principles of spiritual psychology, we begin the internal process of discovering our personal incongruities and apply ways to heal them once and for all,” she says.

Rose looks at life as a process, not an event. She facilitates as a conduit to the unique learning and growth of each individual she serves. Nurturing and tending, much like a gardener, to foster the growth of each individual, who she believes already knows what is best for them. Her role is to bring forward what is inherent and authentic for each person. She experiences her work as a personal and professional blessing of opportunities that continually enhance her own balanced growth, intuitive nature and wisdom. Holding respect and dignity for each person’s experience, she joyfully serves to share life-changing tools and heart-centered communication skills that can transform any life, awakening people to their fullest potential!

Call Rose or explore her website today to learn more about the healing work of spiritual psychology.

Budding Rose Health

Rose Nicksic

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