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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • February 2013
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Terry Naturally – A healthy destination in Green Bay

What do you notice first at the Terry Naturally health food store in Green Bay? Well, the light, open space, the amazing product selection and the welcoming, friendly staff!

Co-owned by Terry and Debra Lemerond, and operated by Debra, Terry Naturally has become a destination store for health-conscious customers in the Green Bay and Fox Valley area and beyond.

“We see customers who literally drive hours to be here because they love the store, and because they just can’t find this wide range of products and personalized service close to home,” mentions Debra.

Within the store, you’ll find nutritional supplements featuring the Terry Naturally brand and much more, including gluten-free foods, natural shampoos and beauty supplies, goat’s milk and cheese, and an amazing selection of fresh olive oils. But as impressive as the inside space of the building is, the friendly, knowledgeable staff is truly the heart and soul of the business.

After all, it can be tough to walk into a store and begin talking to someone you don’t know about a health concern. This is why having a caring, helpful crew is so important to Debra. “We believe in building sincere relationships with our customers,” she says. “When you remember what is going on in someone’s life, what their health concerns are, and genuinely care about their well-being, it makes a big difference. Many of our customers are truly looking for a partner who can help them stay on track with a healthy lifestyle and provide trustworthy advice. I’m blessed with an outstanding staff that can provide exactly that level of support.”

Aside from the service and selection, there are frequent presentations on all manners of health topics by speakers including natural health expert and co-owner, Terry Lemerond. Every Wednesday there is a market that showcases locally produced, organic food sold by the farmers who raise it, live music and open hours for the attached restaurant, Caffé Naturally, providing a “farm to fork” dining experience. If the weather doesn’t cooperate for an outdoor market, it’s no problem — the whole market simply moves indoors. It’s an enjoyable, family-friendly environment and an excellent way to celebrate good health. 

Terry Naturally

2625 Development Drive
(just off the south GV exit from highway 172)
Phone: 920-965-1002 Fax: 920-965-1003
Hours: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday

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