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Spirit Elan is a healing destination where you’ll experience the expertise of renowned intuitive Roi Solberg. She has dedicated her life to helping and healing people through her intuitive services, psychic readings, hypnotherapy, Reiki and archetypal readings/consultations. Solberg explains that she is energized and gratified to no end when she hears clients say, “You gave me hope.”

By formally studying intuition in the ‘70s, Solberg learned how to identify and manage the intuition that had been with her since birth. She went on to offer psychic readings, sharing with clients what the future held for them in issues of love, career, health and abundance. By the ‘80s, Solberg’s practice became more interactive as she enhanced the focus of her work — actually helping clients create that future that was found in their readings. Using her intuitive skills to go beyond the known into the unknown, she could identify blocks that kept her clients from living the lives they wanted. Her clients became actively involved in creating the plan to achieve the changes they desired in their lives. This process included assignments, suggested reading and work to assist them in getting their lives back on track.

Years later, Solberg further refined her work when she pursued her interest in the archetypes and how they influence people’s lives. When studying medical intuition with Caroline Myss and Dr. Norman Shealy, she was amazed at how quickly situations could be clarified and problems resolved by identifying the archetypes in the conflicts. “When you’re aware of which archetypes are active in your life then you have a strategy to make the changes that empower and improve your life,” Solberg explains. “These energy patterns of expression or thought are actually available and active from birth.”

As archetypes became a vital part of her work, she made up her own set of cards to use with clients. After countless requests to make similar sets of cards available for sale, Solberg collaborated with Dorothy Rittal-McIntyre, an artist whose work is beautiful and powerful. Today, “The Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance” is available to clients as well as the general public through the website and PayPal.

In addition, Solberg offers archetype workshops where she helps each attendee create a new story that empowers them to create their dreams and goals. It is a 3-hour interactive, experiential and fun experience for those who want to learn how to use the archetype cards for personal growth and understanding of how they are designing their life.

Solberg works with clients in private individual consultations, group sessions and business consultations in Madison and Milwaukee, as well as across the country via telephone or Skype. She is also happy to be a guest speaker at group functions and is always available to share the archetypes in interviews.

Call Solberg today to get started on your journey to reconnect to the passion of life and find new purpose and meaning in each day! 



Roi's “Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance” are available through PayPal from

According to “Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance” is a new approach to self-discovery that helps you evaluate your life and regain the power of your own spirit. 48 archetype cards, beautifully illustrated by Dorothy Rittal-McIntyre, symbolize the attributes of each archetype. “Spirit of Archetypes” is a comprehensive book that fully explains this powerful new approach and introduces you to the illuminated and shadow side of each archetype. Detailed card layouts show you how to use the archetype cards. Quick Guide to the Archetypes provides a brief definition of each archetype for fast and easy reference.

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