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The human body has an internal system that alerts when something is amiss. Whether it be aches or pains, inflexibility, instability or even lack of direction in life – oftentimes these alarm bells connect to deeper roots. New Possibilities Integration, LLC aims to help folks get to the bottom of issues that prevent them from living life to its fullest.

The specialty of New Possibilities Integration, LLC is Rolfing® Structural Integration (or Rolfing® SI). Rolfing SI is a holistic bodywork and education system that focuses on relieving restrictions held within the fascia. Fascia is a connective tissue web that surrounds, supports and protects all the muscles, bones, blood vessels, nerves organs and tissues of the body. When accidents, emotional trauma, surgeries or even repetitive stress injuries occur, the fascia thickens and tightens as a protective mechanism for stability and healing. Even long after healing, sometimes what remains is a holding pattern that keeps a person stuck in old patterns and old ways of being.

Bodies are like suitcases capable of holding a lifetime of not-so-positive body memories that affect inhabitation of personal space and orientation to the world. This bodily “clutter” and “disorganization” can really weigh a person down. One restriction in the fascial web can affect the entire body and pull an individual off his or her center of gravity — affecting proper alignment and mobility. Since the body now needs to work harder to stay upright, folks may find less energy, flexibility and resiliency for emotional, physical and spiritual stressors. And then, there they sit, feeling rigid and much older than they really are.

Victoria Huss, the Certified Rolfer™ and owner of New Possibilities Integration, LLC, assists clients in uncluttering and better organizing their bodies through a sequential process called the “Ten Series.” Consisting of ten sessions, the Ten Series combines soft-tissue manipulation (manual therapy), natural movement and awareness-building exercises that help the body to remember its natural center of gravity. As all major fascial segments of the body are attended to, alignment and posture are restored by working to balance the body in terms of right and left, front and back, top and bottom, and inside and outside. This exquisite detailing process creates support and space for easier and more efficient movement and expression. Clients are left with a cleaner slate and greater awareness of their bodies that can serve as a springboard for transformation, active change and new possibilities for the direction of their lives.

Victoria is passionate about Rolfing® SI since receiving the work herself has led to profound changes in her life. Her healing journey and experience of working within the allopathic health care system for nearly 15 years has dramatically shaped how she approaches her clients. She takes the time to address the whole person and empowers clients to ask more questions and take on a more active role in their healing processes.

Everyone can benefit from Rolfing® Structural Integration, but not everyone is ready to receive the work. If you are seeking transformation in your life or would like to see if Rolfing® SI is a good fit for you, Victoria offers free consultations at her downtown Appleton location.

Rolfing® and Rolfer™ and the Little Boy Logo are registered service marks of the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration.
New Possibilities Integration LLC103 W. College Ave., Suite 601, Appleton
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