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The Colour Bowl

Beauty is about empowering ourselves through natural methods, wellness and education. That’s the motto of the staff at The Colour Bowl Salon & Wellness Spa in Mequon. “We want our client base to feel good from the inside out,” owner and cosmetologist Sara Harder says, “so we are really committed to bringing wellness to the clients and to the environment.”

Harder opened The Colour Bowl in 2005 as a one-person salon. Since then, it has grown steadily to a staff of four with the addition of six independent contractors who work under the umbrella of The Colour Bowl brand. Today, the full-service salon and wellness spa offers services from haircuts and coloring, waxing and nail care, to skincare, permanent makeup, massage therapy and acupuncture.

But it’s The Colour Bowl’s commitment to organic products — to care for both clients and the environment — that sets it apart as the only “green” salon in the area. “The Colour Bowl’s environmentally friendly practices cover all areas of the business,” Harder says. “We have all of our printing done on recycled paper with soy ink. We use all green cleaning products. And most importantly, all of our beauty products are free of parabens, plasticides, sulfates and other irritating ingredients, and we have certified organic hair color.”

By only using and offering natural beauty products, clients can come in for services feeling secure about the treatment of their skin, hair and nails. The Colour Bowl is therefore perfect for not only expecting mothers and those with sensitive skin and other allergies, but also anyone who just wants to feel good about their beauty regime.

And the feeling of environmentally friendly beauty is reflected in The Colour Bowl’s space in the Morehead & Rhodes building on Cedarburg Road, which the salon moved into in July 2012. The décor consists of flowers and greenery amid an eclectic mix of repurposed furniture, including mirrored rustic doors for the salon stations, to create a relaxing “secret garden” feel.

But the staff members at The Colour Bowl don’t just provide clients with a soothing organic experience. They want them to feel as beautiful as they look away from the salon as well. “Everybody working at The Colour Bowl is really committed to natural living, organic products and to educating our clients about such a lifestyle through classes and even nutritional counseling,” Harder says. “Because we care so much about their well-being, we hope to bring wellness to the beauty industry in a way that hasn’t been done before.”

To experience services that focus on both your inner and outer beauty, contact The Colour Bowl Salon & Wellness Spa today! 

The Colour Bowl Salon & Wellness Spa

10503 North Cedarburg Road, Mequon


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