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  • May 2013
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Anytime Fitness

Most people recognize the fact that they need to get exercise into their daily lives. It is amazing how few people actually make it happen. We want to help you stick with your goals!

Finding a fitness facility that is affordable and welcoming can be a challenge.

Anytime Fitness, the area’s first 24-hour fitness, tanning and reciprocal facility, offers the convenience and affordability many people are seeking. At Anytime Fitness, we understand how important convenience is to our members. People want to exercise on their own terms: whenever their busy schedules allow, close to their homes or workplaces and when they travel. That’s why Anytime Fitness clubs are open 24/7 — allowing members to work out any time of the day or night as well as during the crucial holiday seasons. What could be more convenient than that?

Kerry Parker, 53, joined Anytime Fitness in Menasha a little over three years ago. “High blood pressure and heart disease run in my family so it’s important to me to be active,” she says. Previously a member at another facility, she was spurred to join Anytime Fitness due to convenience and cost. “The club is literally three minutes away from my house,” she says. “The other club was always too crowded when I wanted to work out. At Anytime Fitness, I can go in when I want and get on the machines that I want. It’s always so nice and clean, and the people who work there are so nice. I recommend it to everyone.”

At Anytime Fitness, we pride ourselves as being the friendly neighborhood club. With our non-intimidating atmosphere, we are a great fit from the first-time exerciser to the experienced fitness mogul. Each member who joins receives one-on-one attention from one of our certified personal trainers. Every member has different goals, ranging from losing weight, maintaining their current weight or even training for a fitness event. One member may want to simply lower his or her cholesterol, while another may want to tone up some problem areas. With so many different goals out there, we pride ourselves in the personal attention we give each and every member to help them reach their specific goals!

We are conveniently located throughout the nation, and once you become a member you are able to access any of the locations at any time! We have many locations throughout the Fox Valley; please visit for a location nearest you. 


Anytime Fitness

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