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  • May 2013
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Motion Works Physical Therapy — Get Better. Faster.

When MotionWorks Physical Therapy founder, Jill Murphy, DPT, LAT, CSCS, considered opening a new private practice physical therapy clinic in the Fox Valley, she had some pretty big ideas. With ten years of experience in the physical therapy field, she wanted to offer more to her patients than what they could get anywhere else. Dr. Murphy envisioned patient-centered offerings like unhurried appointments with the same physical therapist each visit, personalized treatment plans, flexible appointment times, exceptional physical therapists highly skilled in manual therapy (hands-on) techniques, and attention to every detail to ensure the ultimate in patient comfort and satisfaction. The result is a boutique physical therapy practice where building long-lasting relationships with patients is the primary goal, and every decision is based on putting patients’ needs first.

At MotionWorks Physical Therapy, we strive to provide the optimal healing environment for each individual patient. This starts as you walk through the door and are greeted with relaxing lounge chairs in the reception area and your choice of beverage. Next, is a backdrop of your own personally selected music and adjustable lighting in each treatment room appropriate for the type of treatment planned for that visit.

Do you need convenient hours to choose from, including before and after work or school, or maybe even on a Saturday if need be? We aim to please, with hours that work around your schedule. We offer your first initial evaluation appointment within 24 hours of your first call to our clinic.

Who wants to go to the hospital if you aren’t sick? Our patients are treated in a clean, bright, free-standing clinic that is conveniently located on the west side of Neenah, with just-off-the-highway access, close to home and/or work, with easy parking a few steps away from the door.

Patients deserve respect, and they want a say in the type of treatment they receive. They also want timeliness, and efficient and effective care to maximize the value of the healthcare they receive. At MotionWorks Physical Therapy, we value your time, your opinion and your input when crafting your goals and treatment plan. We won’t keep you coming if what we’re doing isn’t working. We’ll change our approach and try something new. We won’t tell you “it’s all in your head.” We’ll take the time to listen and to re-evaluate if your symptoms are not improving. If we can’t help you, we’ll send you to someone who can.

MotionWorks Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing a premier level of care to our patients, utilizing the highest level of skilled services and personalized, hands-on care that only a boutique physical therapy practice can deliver. Come visit us at MotionWorks Physical Therapy the next time you or your loved one needs physical therapy, and see the difference that a personalized, patient-centered approach to physical therapy can make. We accept nearly every insurance plan; simply ask your doctor to send you to MotionWorks Physical Therapy, and you will be on your way to returning to the joy of living!

MotionWorks Physical Therapy

1158 Westowne Drive, Neenah

(P) 920-215-2050 • (F) 920-215-2060

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