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  • May 2013
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Mystical Earth Gallery

It all started when Jane Hamilton wanted something to do besides book appointments. She and her husband, Master Jesse, traveled around the Midwest participating in alternative health expos, metaphysical fairs and mineral shows on the weekends. Master Jesse would do psychic readings or chakra alignments and Hamilton would assist with the client flow. It just wasn’t enough for Hamilton.

“I decided if I was going to sit around the shows, I may as well make myself useful and start selling something to the crowds,” Hamilton stated. Master Jesse had been using crystals and minerals professionally for years, even before they became popular. It was a natural fit for the pair to get involved offering crystals, minerals and jewelry at the shows they attended.

“Life is truly amazing. The first buying trip we made to find just the right crystals was a real stretch for me. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. It was a good thing that Jesse knew what to look for,” said Hamilton. Continuing, “And now I write a column called Crystal Revelations every month for Nature’s Pathways about minerals and crystals and their attributes. This has really been a personal and professional transformation.”

From the meager beginnings of schlepping banana boxes full of crystals from location to location, setting them up on tables and offering them for sale at shows, Hamilton and Master Jesse have created a beautiful space for Wisconsinites to purchase minerals and crystals. Mystical Earth Gallery moved to Appleton two years ago after opening two years prior in Oshkosh. May 1 is the start of the fifth year in business for Mystical Earth Gallery.

“The first time someone walks into our store, they are shocked,” Master Jesse said. “It’s surprising to them to find a world-class selection of crystals and minerals in Appleton, Wisconsin.” Their clients vary from serious collectors, to healing practitioners and metaphysical folks, to children just starting their collection, to people who just like beautiful objects. Because of the variety of price points available — many specimens start at five dollars or less, and range to a price where serious collectors spend their dollars — everyone can afford something wonderful from Mystical Earth Gallery.

Expansion of the gallery selection is a continuing process. “Our selection evolves constantly,” said Master Jesse. “We bring in more types of minerals and continue to increase the selection in each mineral category. Plus on a weekly basis, as specimens are sold, we continually bring in new minerals and jewelry from the mineral room.”

After researching their product, price and selection as compared to online stores, the pair soon discovered that their specimens were priced very favorably to their web store competitors, and that the depth of their product line far exceeded those sites. As this information was gathered, it was decided that Mystical Earth Gallery would offer its large selection in an online store. is set to launch mid-year. “This online store will increase our market substantially and allow us to offer our local clients an even larger selection,” Hamilton stated. “We love our store and it only keeps getting better!”

Mystical Earth Gallery

112b E. College Avenue, Appleton • 920-993-1122

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