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Wellness essentials — Balance. Strengthen. Renew.

If you’ve been looking for professional holistic wellness services tailored to meet your personal concerns, Wellness Essentials, LLC will meet your needs with care and integrity. Kari Uselman, Ph.D., owner and primary practitioner, has been providing exceptional wellness care, stress reduction and pain management services to the Fox Valley since 2006. Kari uses innovative FDA-registered quantum-state technologies and products to support your personal wellness goals. She assists you in reclaiming your optimal wellness physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually by combining pioneering technologies with intuitive healing from the heart, blending the best of complementary health approaches to address your individual stressors.

Kari is nationally certified in quantum biofeedback and complex homeopathy. In addition, she holds advanced credentials in Quantum Reflex Analysis, Emotional Repolarization Technique, craniosacral therapy, somato-emotional release, cation mud-packing and energy medicine techniques. She also weaves sound therapy, flower and light essences, and essential oils into her sessions to support her clients’ well-being.

Your initial session with Kari is an in-depth exploration of many elements of stress that may be affecting your wellness. She traces stress components, including physical and emotional traumas and events, energetic sedations from surgeries, accidents and falls, procedures on teeth, sleep patterns and stress from dietary and beverage choices. Identifying environmental stress factors, including pollutants and electro-magnetic frequency exposure to cell phones, computers and modern-day technologies, are also incorporated into the first session. Upon completion of this initial appointment, a series of personalized wellness sessions are tailored to meet your goals.

Kari assists you in re-educating and re-calibrating your body to optimal wellness patterns and works with you holistically in achieving your targeted wellness objectives. Her passion is to inspire and empower you. She supports you in making positive shifts in your life through holistic wellness choices that are proven to be safe and effective. Kari has experienced that all things are possible in the quantum field.

Professionally, Kari is devoted to fostering cooperative and multidisciplinary approaches to health and wellness. Kari is a member of the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners, the Biofeedback Association of North America, the Quantum Biofeedback Advocacy Association, the International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine, the National Association of Professional Women and CAMunity (a network of Complementary and Alternative Medical leaders, practitioners and workers).

For support on your journey to wellness, contact Kari today!

Wellness Essentials, LLC

(At Harmony Wellness Center)

456 N. Main Street, 
downtown Oshkosh

920.410.4022 •

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