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Carol Michalski, MSW, LCSW — Life Coach

“I have been thinking about doing this for a long time” is a typical start of a conversation about coaching with Carol Michalski, MSW, LCSW.

In fact, those are the same words that compelled her to launch her life coaching practice in June 2012, after a 30-year career in the behavioral health and employee assistance fields. Carol works with individuals who want to enhance their lives, careers or relationships. She has a passion for reinvention!

Carol’s vision for her practice is to provide holistic, customized, professional life coaching services in a welcoming environment. Her office in the Hide House, an arts and creative business incubator in Bay View, provides a unique, cozy space. In fact, her dog, Squirt, a registered therapy dog, is often on-site, which adds to the comfortable atmosphere!

Carol’s training and experience as a licensed solution-focused therapist and as a coach and consultant in the employee assistance field, gives her the skills to help you craft a new vision for your life as well as the strategies to help you attain that vision. Although she is a licensed clinical social worker, Carol explains that life coaching is not therapy. “Therapy can be about your past and your feelings about past issues. Life coaching is about action, getting unstuck NOW and moving forward, she explains.”

So what can you expect when you contact Carol Michalski for life coaching? Life coaching begins with a conversation about who the client is and about their hopes, dreams and preferences. “The coach asks questions designed to help you to think about your goals and visions for your life. Maybe you have never revealed these hopes and dreams to anyone before. You discover what your passions are and what the self-imposed obstacles might be. Together we craft a strategic plan to help you achieve your goals,” says Carol.

“Often people need someone to help them take the dreams they have in their heads, the visions of what they want to do next with their lives, and do the work it takes to make them a reality. Many clients report feeling like they should be able to figure this out for themselves, but in our complex times most of us need all the coaching and mentoring we can get,” she explains.

Consider contacting her for coaching for issues such as life transitions, career management and enhancement, career transition, improving relationships, improving communication, learning to set boundaries and limits, and balancing life and work.

With her passion for reinvention, curiosity and “beginners mind,” you can count on Carol to be up to date on cutting-edge techniques for personal and professional development. So if you have been saying to yourself, “I have been thinking about doing this for a long time,” if not now, when? To experience your best self, contact Carol Michalski, MSW, LCSW for professional life coaching today!

Carol Michalski, MSW, LCSW, Life Coach

The Hide House Bay View

2625 S. Greeley Street, Milwaukee


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