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Anunson Chiropractic — Fast, Friendly, Effective

My health journey began at an early age. From the age of 2 years old, I began suffering with ear infections that lasted until I was 4. Traditional medical treatment was to administer antibiotics to treat the infection, with the obvious goal of killing the bugs that seemingly caused the infection. Forty years later, this approach still reigns as the preferred medical mode of treatment for ear infections whether viral or bacterial.

Shift your thinking

After an evaluation by a chiropractor, I was found to have upper cervical subluxation that interfered with the nerves controlling my immune system and its relationship to the inner ear. After just a few adjustments, I began to feel better. Without any more medications, my ear infections cleared up and never returned.

That experience changed my life forever. It was the beginning of a journey that influenced my view on health and the body’s amazing ability to heal itself. I met my wife, Dr. Heather, in graduate school and the rest, as they say, is history. We’re both 1994 graduates of Palmer College of Chiropractic and opened our first clinic in 1995. We feel blessed with the ability to serve our community with a non-drug, non-surgical approach to healthcare focusing on specific spinal adjustments and nutrition.

Patient-centered care

The number one complaint about a doctor’s office is, you guessed it, “waiting.” With mainstream Obamacare around the corner, there’s little hope of that improving as more people work into an already overloaded system.

Our business exists to solve a problem. We focus on what’s important to the patient and have developed a business model that minimizes wait times while efficiently solving the patient’s problem. Our patient’s openly share how much they love that they can always find a time to get in on short notice with little or no wait and cancel without penalty. They appreciate the personalized care and attention specific to their needs. What’s most fulfilling for us, is giving more than what’s expected.

“It blows me away how you can just find those spots and how quickly I can feel better!” —Tiffany O., Indianapolis, IN

“No more migraines after 25 years! The results have been amazing!” —Susan D., Black Earth, WI

Chiropractic and nutrition

Our approach starts with a series of stress tests to determine the presence of spinal misalignments and even the most subtle nerve irritation. We use a hand-held instrument for adjustments, giving patients of all ages a gentle, relaxing experience often resulting in immediate changes as noted above. We also use whole food supplements through Standard Process and Loomis Enzymes.

Business is about relationships

We’ve been blessed with great patients because we appreciate them! We recognize that they have a choice in healthcare. We’re spinal health experts, and I believe in providing solutions to acute and chronic problems, educating our patients about their conditions and teaching them to improve function in their lifestyles. Consider getting to know us … call for a complimentary consultation and exam today!

The spine is the foundation for health — it starts early.

Anunson Chiropractic, SC

Fast, Friendly, Effective

8215 Plaza Drive, Madison


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