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Divine Body & Styles Organic Salon & Spa

Where beauty means not having to sacrifice your health!

Has your scalp ever burned when your hairstylist applied color to your hair? Have you had any unexplained scalp or skin irritations? These are all signs of ammonia and formaldehyde exposure. And then there are the harmful, cancerous effects of resorcinol, which is most commonly used in hair color. All of this makes a simple visit to the salon a bit troubling.

I must admit, I once was one of these salon owners. I used these horrible chemicals on customers and on myself … even while I was pregnant. While in cosmetology school, we were never taught that the products we were using could possibly harm us or our customers. We blindly followed as they taught us how to mix the products and apply them, never aware of what we were doing or using.

The day I “woke up”

I was enlightened to the danger when I was pregnant with my third child. I experienced a lot of complications during that pregnancy, including severe chest pains, sore throats and unexplained skin dermatitis. I then found out that one of the products I was using was producing formaldehyde gasses in my salon, even though the product line assured me that their products were formaldehyde free and that they were no more harmful to me or my customers than taking a “shot” of alcohol. After receiving this completely obscured statement from one of Brazilian Blowouts customer representatives, I decided to go on a search for cleaner and healthier products, not just for my customers but for myself as well.

Lo and behold, my savior!

In my research, I found Organic Salon Systems, and that’s when my whole life changed. I found a cleaner product line that wasn’t a hoax. As I learned in my quest, quite a few product lines do, in fact, claim to be “organic” or “all natural,” but still contain harmful ingredients like ammonia. I was even told by one hair color line representative that the organic color line that they had available did contain ammonia, but that it was the “natural form” of ammonia. Crazy! That’s like saying I got this “natural” poison ivy, let’s roll around in it.

The beginning of a new day

When I finally made the decision to eliminate all of my salon’s unhealthy products and feature Organic Salon Systems, everything changed. I wasn’t experiencing unexplained headaches or sore throats anymore. Customers were enjoying the new product line as well! Today, when people walk in my salon, they don’t get smacked in the face with ammonia and formaldehyde-infused air. Instead, the aroma of therapeutic grade essential oils greets them, along with cups of herbaceous tea and coffee infused with reishi mushrooms. Our color line isn’t burning heads and damaging scalps anymore. We offer only safe and effective organic salon and spa treatments.

Our customers enjoy: PPD-free and organic color, perms and texturizers; natural and organic nail, facial and body treatments; post-radiation and specialty essential oil scalp and body treatments; KeraGreen keratin and protein hair treatments; body, mind and soul services; and much more! As an Organic Salon Systems certified haircolorist, I am dedicated to beauty, dignity and well-being for all, and that is what you will experience at my salon and spa.

If you’re ready to make your health a priority when it comes to your salon and spa treatments, I invite you to give us a try. Just mention this article, and you will receive 20% off your selected service as a new customer. Make an appointment today to experience the difference. I look forward to meeting you! 

Divine Body & Styles Organic Salon & Spa

5440 Willow Road, Suite 104, Waunakee

(right off county highway M by Skipper Buds and The Nautigal)

608-242-4247 l

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