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Twohig Dental — Natural and Holistic Dentistry


When was the last time you saw your dentist and had your whole health addressed?

Have you ever had the feeling that your needs really weren’t understood by your dentist?

I have had the same experience.

Our goal when we see our patients at Twohig Dental in Weyauwega is to understand their needs from head to toe, not just from the chin to the nose, from a natural and biological viewpoint. We want you to be involved in your own health care, and together we will make the best decisions for you. A dentist must first get to know a person, and then he or she can help them. We want to form relationships for a lifetime.

My name is Dr. William J. Twohig and I have been practicing dentistry for over 30 years. I dedicate my free time to searching for alternative methods of dentistry to offer my patients quality and care for their individual needs. In recent years, more and more individuals are assuming greater responsibility for their own health. There is a dawning awareness that good health is more than the absence of disease. In this regard, I have assumed a primary obligation to provide information and guidance to those people who are seeking to participate in their own health care, and to help in the continuing education of practitioners who have a desire to expand their knowledge and awareness.

How do you find a holistic dentist? Well, the future of dentistry is closer than you might imagine, and holistic dentists are popping up all around the country. At Twohig Dental, we treat our patients with unique techniques that address each patient as individually as their concerns are.

We we work with a large group of natural practitioners, chiropractors, acupuncturists, traditional doctors, and specialists in areas such as muscle testing, nutrition, homeopathy, tap therapy, aromatherapy and detoxification, and are associated with the IAOMT, AAOSH, Price Pottenger, Dental Ozone Therapies Group, Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine, Klinghardt Academy, International Academy of Ozone in Healthcare and Dentistry, Strickland Face Lift Dentures, Huggins Institute and many more.

My staff is knowledgeable in preventive dentistry, treatment of periodontal and gum disease, emergency care, restorative dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, ozone dentistry, implants and dentures. The office offers a wide variety of xylitol, oils and hygiene products. My friendly staff and I are always available to answer questions or concerns.

I invite you to explore the many benefits of the holistic approach to dentistry. Remember, your health is in YOUR hands!

William J. Twohig, DDS, NMD, IBDM


Twohig Dental

417 E. Ann St., Weyauwega

920-867-3101 |


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