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Food is among one of the best forms of medicine we have. So with 95 percent of all chronic diseases being diet related, it’s encouraging and promising to know that just by educating ourselves and changing our eating habits, we can help reverse or prevent some all-too-common diseases that are afflicting many at younger and younger ages.

It’s easy to see how disease and disorders have overtaken the health of today’s society, but it’s harder than ever to know what food is really “healthy” or just being marketed as such for profit. Masterpiece Nutrition takes a holistic approach to nutrition and debunks all the myths to bring people back in touch with real truths of food. It’s all about learning that only REAL food can bring REAL results.

Masterpiece Nutrition has been working with clients since 2010, helping them realize and appreciate the differences that our food choices make. Changes in energy, weight, skin, pain, digestion, focus and more occur when one follows a holistic view on nutrition, which takes into account many life factors, not just following a regimented amount of calories or the next fad diet.

Programs are taught and challenges are followed to introduce REAL food, including Juice Fasting, Raw Food Week, Wheat-Free Week and more. Masterpiece Nutrition’s most popular lifestyle changing program is the two-month-long Masterpiece Mastery program, which involves eight weeks of getting rid of “dead” food and addressing many different aspects of lifestyle that are needed for vibrant health. Topics such as hormone balance, digestion and even the beauty products we put on our skin are covered, and with everything included, such as meal plans, education and inspiration, one CANNOT fail!

As Kendra Kadrlik, owner of Masterpiece Nutrition, shares, “My God-given passion is to help people achieve outstanding health and motivate them to become their own greatest work of art, because each of us was created to be a masterpiece.” She engages our community by doing public seminars on food and natural health topics, and is on a mission to educate people of all ages how to take control of their own health and to realize the power that food has. Food can either be the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. It’s all about learning which are which today, and even more importantly, how food can affect EACH person differently and that no one “diet” can be used for everyone.

Kendra can be reached by calling 920-680-5778. Visit for more information, or check her Facebook page ( for fabulous recipes and health topics of today to be aware of. 

Kendra Kadrlik

Masterpiece Nutrition

Kendra Kadrlik, CNT




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