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Endeavor Therapy & Sleep Center

In 2003, when Endeavor Therapy & Sleep Center (Endeavor) opened in Mequon, there were no other sleep testing facilities in the area. “If a person needed an overnight sleep study, they had to drive into Milwaukee at night, and a lot of people weren’t comfortable doing that,” shares Karen Block, owner of Endeavor.

Karen, a healthcare provider in the area since 1979, had a strong belief that people should be able to be tested and treated in their own communities, so the need for a facility of this kind was very apparent to her.

Her vision was to have the sleep center be as patient friendly, convenient and cost effective as possible. “We looked at the normal procedures at other sleep centers and then wanted to improve upon the experience, from start to finish,” explains Karen. She envisioned a process where Endeavor would: receive an order from a patient’s physician; do the insurance verification and pre authorization; call the patient to let them know their benefits and cost; schedule the patient for their testing; and get the results back to their physician in one week’s time. Karen believed that the expedited process would help the patient realize the importance of not only their sleep disorder diagnosis, but also the need to start treatment as soon as possible.

“Controlling the cost to our patients was a major goal of mine because I didn’t want financial issues to be a barrier that prevents a person from getting a diagnosis and treatment for a major health issue like a sleep disorder,” Karen explains.

Karen’s initial focus on the needs of the patients and cost containment have definitely paid off. Today, Endeavor is a growing, well-respected, health care resource, with clients from all over southeastern Wisconsin. “We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality study at a much lower cost; in fact, our rates are one-quarter of hospital sleep labs and their affiliates’ rates,” says Karen.

In addition to accessibility, education is an ongoing priority at Endeavor. “We take every opportunity to inform the public about the importance of sleep for our health, as well as the ramifications of poor-quality sleep. People need to realize that if they are not getting the sleep they need, they will have long-lasting side effects with their health,” Karen shares. By identifying sleep disorders and getting treatment in a timely manner, people can avoid those health consequences. That is the motivation behind Endeavor’s community awareness project, which makes home sleep screening devices available FREE OF CHARGE.

“I wish I had this information for my father 25 years ago. He was a loud snorer who had breathing stoppages. Dad was diagnosed with high blood pressure, which his physician had difficulty controlling, and developed Type 2 diabetes in his 50s, leading to “mini” strokes in later years. He died at 69. At that time, sleep was not looked at; if it was, he might be here still today,” laments Karen.

If you are concerned about your own or a loved one’s sleep issues, call Endeavor today! The state-of-the-art facility is a “true” independently owned, Medicare-certified, full-service sleep center that has your best interest at heart. If you are diagnosed with a sleep disorder, Endeavor also offers quality CPAP and BiPAP equipment and supplies for your convenience.


Remember, good health begins with a good night’s sleep!


Endeavor Therapy & Sleep Center

11649 N. Port Washington Rd., Mequon

262-241-8892 •

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