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  • December 2013
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Mother Nature's Diaper Service

Mother Nature’s Diaper Service, Inc. was established in 1990 to deliver cotton diapers to the homes of Madison-area families. Even before cloth diapering was considered “cool,” as it is today, we were helping people realize how easy, fun and healthy it is.

Natural and easy!

Cotton diapers are a lot like a baby’s skin — soft and gentle. Thankfully, they’re free of chemical gels, unlike “disposables.” They are also pH balanced to help fight diaper rash. Plus, with our service, they don’t have to be emptied, rinsed or transported. Of course, since there is no pinning required these days, anyone can easily change them.

Good for the environment!

Our diapers are used over 80 times retail, 20 more times wholesale, and then either sold to car washes and other businesses, or donated to good causes (reduce, reuse, recycle). Our computerized commercial washing machines are very energy efficient and allow economies of scale that cannot be realized with home washers and dryers.

Good for our neighborhoods!

We contribute to many nonprofit groups that work for human rights, education, a clean environment, etc. Many of our contributions to local charities benefit worthwhile causes: transitional housing, Habitat for Humanity, Safe Home, Safe Place for Newborns and Breast Cancer Recovery Foundation. We also donate to many silent auctions that raise funds for organizations like Madison Junior Woman’s Club, The Rainbow Project, AIDS Network and Common Wealth Development. In addition, our business employs special needs people through Dane County’s own Responsive Employment Services (RES and MARC).

Good for the children of the world!

We send diapers to disaster areas to help flood victims, Nothing But Nets (malaria prevention group) and Help To Others (H2O) to name a few. We also work with many church groups that send layettes with our diapers to orphanages and hospitals all over the world.

Good for you and your child!

Today’s cloth diapering is fun! There are so many great products out there to facilitate the process, from diaper wraps to carrying bags. Our service can be used in conjunction with almost any of these products, so you can have all the fun without any of the mess! Our computerized washing process is very rigorous and follows all standardized guidelines set forth for a healthy, pH-balanced product that will never have any harmful residues. This is hard to achieve with home washers that are not made exclusively for diaper washing.

At Mother Nature’s Diaper Service, we strive to be more than just a diaper service. We are literally honored when families in local communities choose us to be a part of their child raising and hope to show others that business is more than just about making money.

For more information, visit our website or call us today! 


Mother Nature’s Diaper Service

931 E. Main St., Suite 5, Madison

608-251-BABY •

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