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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • May 2010

Branching Out & Company

While fresh flowers are at the heart of Appleton’s Branching Out & Company, the guest experience goes well beyond. Since opening the doors of their new shop at 1680 N. Casaloma Drive — in the footsteps of the Fox Valley Mall — Branching Out & Company has learned that it’s the extras that make a gift or kind gesture that much more pleasing. This spring, these extras include paintings by a local artist, one-of-a-kind bird houses and Paddywax organic candles.

When guests enter Branching Out & Company, they are amazed by all the touches of creativity that drive the guest experience.

"It’s our obligation to our community to offer them the best of the best," said Branching Out & Company’s Sales and Marketing Director Casee Meach. "We gain so much knowledge about our customers in so many ways. And what they are telling us is they want a shopping experience that they used to travel to Milwaukee, Chicago or Minneapolis to get. It’s all right here with the opening of this shop."

Branching Out & Company listens to its customers both in the store and on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Keeping its customers current with the latest shipments are keys to delivering creative solutions that are functional and affordable. Meach has taken to blogging as a way to keep Branching Out & Company’s guest on top of the latest trends, colors and events.

And events are a big one! From weddings to private parties and corporate gatherings, Meach and the staff at Branching Out & Company take the exciting trends within the store and apply them to help set the mood and décor at these important events.

"We love having the opportunity to collaborate with event hosts, doing all that we can to make them look genius for their floral choice, or the linens on the tables," Meach said. "It’s all in the details, and we are a detail-oriented company that will go above and beyond to make every event a stunning display."

To learn more about Branching Out & Company, visit, or call (920) 202-3290. You also can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and WordPress.

Branching Out & Company’s store hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am – 6 pm and Saturday from 9 am – 4 pm. They are open Sundays by appointment.

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