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Step into TIBIA, and you will feel welcomed by the beautiful, homey atmosphere and friendly people. You may be looking for a massage or intuitive session from the Healing Center, or in search of aromatherapy, nutrition or massage-related products. Or you may be interested in our courses, programs or mini-classes about energy, bodywork, intuition, essential oils and more. Whatever brings you here, you will notice that there is something special about the place…you may even find it difficult to leave.

Many of our staff are graduates who’ve chosen to stay on, and even our former mail carrier now volunteers his precious retirement time with us. This is a place where everyone is welcome, all aspects of ourselves are honored, and what’s truest in us is gently recognized and drawn forward. As we learn from one another, we mature in our spiritual gifts and the roles we are able to play in the lives of those around us.

TIBIA stands for Transformation ~ Intuition ~ Bodywork ~ In Action, and it is all of those things. It began as a massage school founded in 2001 by Michaela Torcaso to specialize in energy healing and intuitive bodywork. The transformation each student experiences includes personal healing and growing in self-confidence and awareness.

Michaela’s been offering intuitive sessions and training since 1996 and has created two programs that impart "accountability for sustaining an intuitive presence." In addition to a state-approved 650-hour massage program, TIBIA offers a 540-hour IntuAction program which provides training in intuitive listening and facilitation.

Graduates of both programs are exceptionally attuned to what each moment of each session is calling for. You can experience their work through TIBIA’s Healing Center, which offers massage, energy healing, aromatherapy, intuitive sessions and intensives. Intuitive sessions are seated, spoken sessions (not hands-on) that support healing, insight, empowerment and peace of mind.

You may be wondering how intuitive abilities can be acquired. Michaela says we all have access to intuitive knowledge. The IntuAction Program teaches how to recognize our personal way of receiving intuitive information and how to distinguish it from other thoughts or feelings we may be experiencing.

The program includes instruction, paired exercises, and supervised practice to develop consistency and confidence. It also promotes spiritual growth to strengthen our willingness and freedom to follow the intuitive guidance we receive.

Many courses from both the massage and IntuAction programs can be taken separately, along with an array of advanced bodywork- and energy-related courses. TIBIA is approved as a Continuing Education provider by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

TIBIA also has a non-profit affiliate, Creating A Peaceful World. CAPW exists to bring TIBIA’s healing gifts to individuals and communities in crisis, near and far — empowering them to generate peace in themselves, their relationships, and their way of living in the world.

For more information, visit, call (608) 238-7378, or stop in at 6225 University Ave., Suite 202, Madison. You may even find it difficult to leave! Leora Weitzman, PhD, LMT, is Director of Program Development at TIBIA, Inc., where she is also an instructor and offers bodywork and intuitive sessions.

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