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  • April 2010

Fox Valley Animal Referral Center

Humans aren’t the only ones who suffer from environmental allergies. Your pets can develop allergies to many things, such as grass, trees, shrubs, dust mites, mold and, most commonly, fleas.

As part of the effort to provide specialized care, Fox Valley Animal Referral Center (FVARC) offers a full range of dermatology services. Dr. Andrew Lowe, FVARC’s board-certified dermatology specialist, treats animals enduring food, fleas and environmental allergies by conducting diagnostic treatments and overseeing dermatologic disease management. From treating allergic dermatitis to conducting biopsies of deep tissues and caring for cancer of the skin, Dr. Lowe aims to help patients and veterinarians of the Fox Valley control these chronic and frustrating conditions.

Dr. Lowe completed his three-year dermatology residency at the University of Illinois and obtained a Master of Science degree in veterinary clinical medicine. And having two cats and an allergic Golden Retriever of his own, he provides compassionate, knowledgeable care.

For animals suffering from autoimmune, infectious, parasitic, endocrine, hormonal and psychogenic skin diseases, FVARC can provide therapies needed to manage these conditions. Other dermatology services include: intradermal skin testing, deep ear flushes and middle ear cultures, video otoscopy and myringotomy, polyp removal and hair-loss management.

For over a decade, doctors at Fox Valley Animal Referral Center (FVARC) have worked as part of a team with primary care veterinarians to provide specialty care, advanced diagnostics, and around-the-clock emergency and critical care services.

The FVARC staff consists of doctors, certified technicians, assistants, care coordinators, clerical, and customer service representatives who are dedicated to the health and comfort of its patients. By expanding its services and exploring new ways to bring advanced veterinary care to pet owners, FVARC handles emergency situations and is trained to triage quickly. The referral center also offers surgical services, ophthalmology, radiology, internal medicine, radioactive iodine therapy and canine rehabilitation.

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