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  • March 2010

Barnes & Associates Dentistry

As an elderly gentleman gazes quietly out the window watching the snow fall gently into the woods, sitting alongside a comforting fire, he turns and notices a young man on his computer, talking with a friend on Facebook. The man ponders how far technology has come. This comforting environment may sound somewhat like being at a spa, and not that many years ago sitting at a dentist office wasn’t this type of scene at all. But this is what Barnes & Associates Dentistry patients know and have come to love.

Barnes & Associates Dentistry is best known for producing beautifully sculpted smiles. "Creating beautiful smiles as an art is something I learned from my father," says Dr. Barnes, a second-generation dentist.

Dentistry has come so far in the past two decades and the professionals at Barnes & Associates have immersed themselves with continuing education: everything from cosmetic dentistry to pain control. They offer a full array of dental services from implants to teeth whitening. In fact, they were one of the first dental practices to offer tooth whitening in the state of Wisconsin. They are a mercury-free dental office with all white fillings, and proud to say they have been mercury-free for more than 20 years.

Experience is critical to having highly successful cases with so many happy patients. Trust is a huge factor when it comes to seeing a new dentist. All dentists are not the same and Barnes & Associates devote themselves to guaranteeing their patients are completely satisfied. They provide a list of people that their patients can call to obtain testimonials specific to the procedures that were proposed and discussed between the doctor and patient. Drs. Kurt Barnes, Stephen Moore and Marc Shantz and their staff put patient satisfaction above all else. In most cases, several treatment and payment options are given, to always work good dental health into every lifestyle.

Barnes & Associates Dentistry strives to stand out from the crowd with amenities like an anesthetic reversal agent; no more leaving the dental office with that numb feeling. They also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) at no extra charge to make any appointment more comfortable and relaxed. They also have created a relaxing environment with beautiful, peaceful wooded views from each room, iPods to listen to your favorite tunes, and wireless kiosks alongside a warm fireplace with waterfall views. To complete the experience, a full coffee bar in their reception area awaits.

However, amenities are only a small part of the picture. More importantly, they provide excellent patient care with a highly experienced and friendly dental team to assure that you are treated second to none. Visit their web site or speak personally with a friendly team member by calling (920) 996-0123; they are always ready to answer your questions. Conveniently located at 381 S. Kools in Appleton (one block south of Applebee’s on West College Avenue), Barnes & Associates invites you to gaze quietly out the window watching the snow fall gently into the woods, while sitting alongside a comforting fire. One can honestly say, "Barnes & Associates is a true departure from the expected."

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