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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • October 2010
Written by  Dr. Albert Bellg

LifePath – Helping Patients Deal with Serious Illness

Dr. Albert Bellg is a clinical health psychologist and author who worked for 14 years with seriously ill heart patients. What happened in the spring of 2009, however, got him thinking about making a career change.

"One afternoon, my wife, Laurin, and I were talking in our living room. I said something like, ‘Just focus on the deepest truth you know and let everything else fall into place round it’ — and Laurin immediately said, ‘Write that down!’"

It remained as a sticky note on the side of their refrigerator for a few months, and then things began to happen. He knew he needed to write a book about that idea, and started work on the manuscript for "Living the Deepest Truth You Know," which is now nearing completion.

Then in early 2010, Dr. Bellg felt it was time to change what he was doing professionally. "Following my own deepest truth, I left a successful career helping medical patients deal with the changes that often result from having a serious illness," he said. "I call the new practice LifePath, and it goes significantly beyond my previous work."

The focus of LifePath is to help people explore their own deep truth and bring their true selves into their daily activities. "We don’t present you with the ‘right answer’ about what your personal truth ought to be," said Dr. Bellg. "Our purpose is to help you gain insight into your own deepest truth and make it the center of your life."

In LifePath workshops, small groups and individual sessions, people engage in transformational exercises and explore their own life’s path, their personal spirituality and their life’s deeper meaning. Workshops start with a free introductory presentation on a Friday evening that’s open to anyone, followed by an all-day Saturday and Sunday afternoon workshop.

"We had a remarkable response to the first workshop on Living the Deepest Truth You Know," said Dr. Bellg. "It’s exciting to see how it touches people and gives them more confidence and trust in their true self. They develop a stronger, more vital sense of themselves and a clearer purpose for their lives."

Graduates of the workshop can participate in weekly small group sessions to go deeper into the process of identifying and implementing their deepest truth in their lives. Individual sessions with Dr. Bellg are also available for people who have personal challenges that may be difficult to discuss in a group.

LifePath LLC is located at 1620 S. Lawe St., Appleton, just north of Calumet. Find out more about LifePath programs online at You can also call Dr. Bellg and LifePath at (920) 996-0887, or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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