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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • February 2010

Changing Habits, LLC

One of the primary starting points Changing Habits, LLC, uses in working with its clients is to remind them that we deserve happiness and life satisfaction. Our feelings are not determined by what we experience in our daily lives, but rather how we interpret what we experience. And these interpretations happen automatically without us consciously being aware of the process.

Imagine your mind as including a filter and tape player. Our life experiences are absorbed by the mental filter and recorded and replayed as messages and beliefs on our tape player built up over the years. They form the basis for most of our automatic interpretations.

Because of these automatic interpretations our feelings are, for the most part, habits. They live in our subconscious.

"The role our subconscious plays throughout every day is enormous" says Jim Baer, Licensed Professional Counselor and founder and owner of Changing Habits, LLC. "I believe traditional counseling is effective at helping a client become more consciously aware of the causes of their obstacles. What I often do with my clients to give them the best chance at successful personal change is to integrate traditional counseling to address the conscious mind and hypnotherapy to address the mental filter and old tape player in the subconscious mind."

"I urge anyone who wants to change a negative habit to arrange for a free consultation. Let’s talk about your particular situation and how Changing Habits can increase your happiness and life satisfaction."

Changing Habits is located at 2999 West Spencer St., Appleton. Call (920) 570-1904 to make an appointment. Visit for more information.

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