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Your Soul’s Journey & Druidic Gems

All of us are intuitive. It’s how you receive and pay attention to this intuitive information that makes it unique. Unfortunately, our natural intuitive abilities have been squashed through our family and societal conditioning. That is why Bob and Lisa Reber created Your Soul’s Journey and Druidic Gems.

Your Soul’s Journey offers an array of services to aid you on your path in this life as well as your spiritual direction:

Soul readings bring what your soul wants you to know to consciousness and address any other questions you have about your life’s path.

Animal communication allows you to connect with your pet companions and iron out issues you have or to hear what they have to say. This can be done with living or deceased animals.

Akashic Record readings are a journey into your soul record along with a clearing of your energetic body; and remember, everything is energy.

Property clearings are an energetic cleansing of your home and property. This is excellent for changing the energy of your home that may be for sale or purchased recently.

Past life regressions allow you to experience a lifetime that is relevant to this current life you are living. Many of the issues and patterns we have in our lives stem from past lives.

With coaching and mentoring, Bob and Lisa offer one-on-one sessions aiding you in looking at your life differently and in developing your own intuitive abilities.

The Inner Counselor Process assists you in transforming emotional issues in your life. During this meeting, Bob guides you through the process that allows you and your soul self to understand and overcome issues that are limiting your life.

"In addition to these services, we offer classes and workshops to give you the tools to develop your own innate abilities," Lisa says. "That is the intent behind what we do. We don’t want you dependent upon others for guidance in your life. The greatest wisdom comes from within you, so we help you develop the tools you need to listen to it and follow it."

The courses and workshops they have created span a range of topics. They are thought provoking as well as practical.

Connect with your guides and spirit in the Divinely Guided Living class, where you will learn tools and techniques to enhance your spiritual journey and increase your intuitive connection.

The Animal Communication class teaches you how to communicate with animals in person, at a distance and those that have passed.

The Chakra workshop delves into the energy that is you and allows you to discover the Chakras in a whole new way.

Learn the tools to manifest the life you want in the Manifestation and Beliefs class, so you can avoid mani-frustration.

Further your understanding of the Universe with The Hologram that is You workshop and discover how you, your mind, intuition, soul and life are holographic in nature.

They also teach Usui Reiki, the traditional Reiki healing method developed by Dr. Usui.

"We want you to learn and develop your innate abilities, so that you can take control of your life and create the life of your dreams," Bob adds. "We are dedicated to the unique expression of life’s energy and want you to discover that within your own being."

Druidic Gems originally began with gemstone jewelry and has expanded to include common and rare gemstones, crystals, rocks and minerals. A selection of books, Hemi-Sync CDs and other resources will aid you on your life’s journey. "We love watching people grow into who they are meant to be," Lisa adds.

Druidic Gems and Your Soul’s Journey is located in Fond du Lac. Learn more about what they offer via the Web at or, or call them at (920) 924-0802.

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