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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • April 2011

East Wisconsin Savings Bank

East Wisconsin Savings Bank’s story began in Kaukauna in 1887 with a vision of local people pooling their hard-earned savings together to provide home ownership for family and friends. Back then, when D. J. Brothers drew up the charter in long hand for the Building and Loan Association, this was not an area of satisfied homeowners like it is today. There were no electric lights, no waterworks or sewers, no improved streets, and very limited school facilities.

The industrial revolution was in its infancy and railroad stops were just being moved to this area. At that time, Norman J. Brokaw, a local manufacturer, had a vision of providing an opportunity for local workers to own a home. Brokaw knew that if workers were given the opportunity to own a home their families would be stronger, they would be better employees and the community would benefit. He saw the necessity for providing a means of financing the homes, and to him the building and loan plan presented the most logical solution. He saw the power of people helping people to accomplish a goal.

The partnership began as local savers, seeking a good safe place to save, provided home ownership for family and friends. Each payday, members agreed to deposit a portion of their check into a share account. As funds accumulated, members could put in a bid to borrow money for the purchase of a home. The building and loan brought home ownership to many working families through this focus on thrift and home ownership.

The early pioneers left a wonderful legacy to this area in the way of satisfied home owners. Throughout our history, East Wisconsin Savings Bank has remained committed to the original purpose of providing a good safe place for local people to save and helping local people to own their homes as well as other property. And from that base we’ve grown strong and expanded our services to stay in tune with our members needs for today… and tomorrow. We know that your future plans and goals depend on financial services provided by a sound, sensible and vigorous local financial institution.

Since 1887, East Wisconsin Savings Bank has been committed to the needs and lifestyles of the communities we serve. We are a LOCAL member-owned savings bank determined to remain responsive to LOCAL needs. We recognize the importance of maintaining a strong, stable economy in the many fine communities which comprise the Fox Valley.

Our six convenient locations (Kaukauna, Little Chute, Kimberly, Freedom, Appleton and Greenville) enhance our ability to provide the most up-to-date banking products and services near your home or place of employment, by offering the account flexibility, assured earnings and complete safety for your hard-earned dollars. We promise to help our members …Build a ‘Wonderful Life’ by providing proven banking solutions and personal attention!

Besides helping our members save more money and make more money, we like to have fun! We’re especially having fun with the Your Ticket Community Events program. It involves people winning tickets to all kinds of special community events (concerts, sports, theater, arts, festivals, etc.). This promotion is open to all area residents. You could join the many people that have already won thousands of dollars worth of tickets. For details, check it out at, or, stop in and have some fresh popcorn while you find out about this exciting program. Get your "Sticky Ticket" and WIN!

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