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  • May 2011

Changing Headlines Salon & Hair Restoration

Mark P. Brettingen founded Changing Headlines in March 1982, and along with his team has been providing personal enhancement services to our image-conscious clients ever since. Quite simply, Changing Headlines specializes in hair, enhancing those with their natural growing hair, as well as those who need or desire additional hair. Our focus is to provide you with exceptional service in a caring and comfortable environment.

Our guest list is compiled of individuals from all walks of life. We provide both ladies and gentleman with a private setting as our services are performed in individual booths. We specialize in European razor cutting, multi-dimensional hair color, and helping you determine the best look for you.

Men, if you are looking for an environment for your barbering and grooming needs (in lieu of a 15 minute discount clip) we think you will enjoy your experience. Over 50 percent of our clientele are men and we also pride ourselves on being on time for your convenience.

At Changing Headlines, our philosophy and belief is that hair is the single most important asset that affects our appearance, which in turn affects how we feel about ourselves and the image that we project to others. That is why we specialize in helping those with thinning hair as well. Many individuals, both men and women, at some point experience excessive hair loss, which for some greatly affects their self-esteem and confidence.

"Thinning hair seems to be rather unimportant to many until they experience it themselves accompanied with the feelings associated with their changed appearance," Brettingen says.

Hair loss can be caused by a variety of circumstances, including chemotherapy, certain drugs and often genetics. Brettingen says that his calling was fueled by the fact that he knew based on his genetic history (thinning hair on both sides of his family) that he had a high probability of being one of his own clients. Therefore, he chose to pursue hair replacement and the mission of helping others with their concerns.

Thankfully, there are many alternatives available to replace one's hair. Changing Headlines offers a variety of solutions based upon an individual's needs and desires. One option is Laser Hair Therapy™ treatments, which helps those in the early stages of hair loss by stimulating the existing hair follicles. We also offer non-surgical hair additions, which are state-of-the-art human hair systems that integrate into one's existing hair. Changing Headlines is affiliated with an elite surgical hair restoration facility for those desiring hair transplantation. All of the facets of hair replacement have taken hair restoration to a whole new level.

Changing Headlines is located at 2631 N. Meade St., Suite 205, Appleton (1 block south of Northland Avenue). As hair loss can be a sensitive topic for many, we chose to offer our guests a feeling of privacy and confidentiality by locating in a private office setting.

To find out more about Changing Headlines, Mark P. Brettingen and our team of professionals, visit us at If you or someone you know is looking for a new stylist, please call (920) 731-7780 to schedule an appointment. Thinning hair concerns can be addressed by scheduling a private, complimentary consultation with Mark to explore your options.

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