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  • June 2011

Current Physical Therapy

In large physical therapy clinics, patients often see several therapists and assistants, and may not know from one visit to the next who will be treating them. Not so at Current Physical Therapy, where personalized treatment is "all in the family" for husband and wife team Gil and Cheryl Haight, who own and exclusively operate this family business.

Current Physical Therapy has been providing its clients individualized, expert care since opening its Oconto office in 2003. This part-time office was opened to offer people the choice of both experience and affordability and has grown to being open full-time, with a second location opening in De Pere one year ago.

"We believe the client-therapist relationship is built on trust, and this is a very important part of a positive therapeutic outcome. This can only happen when people are able to see the same therapist consistently." To ensure this continuity, the Oconto office is staffed exclusively by Gil and the De Pere site by Cheryl.

Current Physical Therapy specializes in the treatment of pain, both acute and chronic, including work and athletic injuries, lasting post-surgical pain, headaches, neck and back pain and TMJ dysfunction. Whether you are experiencing a recent onset of pain or have dealt with pain for years, Current Physical Therapy is the choice for relief. Treatment focuses on educating you about what is happening in your body and what you can do to change it, and also on gentle manual therapy aimed at fostering relaxation and changing long-held habits and body patterns.

"Our passion is helping people lead more enjoyable, productive and pain-free lives, and we do our best to ensure that everyone who comes to our office learns something and leaves feeling much better than when they walked in. We often hear people say that they feel they just have to live with their pain issues, whether they're headaches, back pain or even fibromyalgia. This is often simply not true. They can feel better."

Offices are located at 1480 Swan Road in De Pere in the Ledgeview Office Complex, open Monday through Thursday, 9 am – 6 pm (920-615-6055), and at 516 Brazeau Avenue in Oconto, open Monday through Friday by appointment (920-835-1551). All insurances are accepted. Physician referral is often not needed, except for Medicare and Medical Assistance. For more information please visit, call either office or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Call for an appointment today. Remember--You DON'T "just have to live with" pain!

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