Business Profile
  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • July 2011

Mystical Earth Gallery

"There's no place like it in Manhattan. And if there's no place like it in Manhattan, that means that there's no other place like it in the world," stated Renee Phillips, Manhattan artist, art critic and curator of Manhattan Arts International, when Mystical Earth Gallery opened in 2009.

Now, after over two years in business and a move from Oshkosh to Appleton, Mystical Earth Gallery-MEG, has really come into its own. The initial premise of MEG was to offer a blending of the healing arts, art from the earth, and fine art. MEG seeks to bring awe-inspiring treasures of the earth together with artist, whose work evokes emotion, connecting all to the vastness of the universe and the Infinite.

Mother Earth is among the top artists at MEG. Her work is featured in a large selection of minerals, crystals and jewelry. Among the largest variety and collection of specimens found in Wisconsin, you will be delighted with both the array of crystal types and the price ranges. From Tibetan crystals starting at under $5, to one-of-a-kind in the world specimens, you will be delighted.

International artists Bren Sibilisky, Alena Zena and Tom Bisesti have been represented at MEG since the inception. Bren's fountain sculpture, Aphrodite, now showing at MEG and available for purchase, was rated 5 stars in an international show competing with top artists from around the world. Recently signed into MEG representation is Ram Rojas, whose work will include his spiritual paintings and prints. You will recognize his work in the Hindu genre as it has appeared published in books and multi-language publications world-wide. Besides having work available for sale at MEG, each artist is available for commissioned work through representation at MEG.

Master Teacher Jesse leads the new Appleton Healing Center. In his art, Master Jesse uses universal love to direct energy and color vibrational light to aid his clients in their own path to spiritual healing and growth. Simplified, everything in the Universe is in a state of vibration, including the human body. Zenith, one of the healing arts practiced by Master Jesse, is an energy-management system which enables individuals to release blockages that may interfere with optimum vibrations of the cellular structures. Once removed an individual is able to obtain greater balance in body, mind, and spirit.

Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice Mary Jo Ebben will be both practicing her art and furthering her healing abilities and techniques by studying with Master Jesse as his apprentice.

Returning just a few years ago from practicing in California at elite spas and healing centers, Janet Creapo will be available to give clients one of the best massages they have ever received. All practitioners have been hand-selected for their outstanding abilities to practice their healing art and work with clients to achieve their desired goals.

"The body of work at Mystical Earth Gallery not only has a connection to the deepest part of our soul, but is executed with great technical skills," said MEG owner Jane Hamilton. "We seek to connect with those artists whose work inspires us at many levels. Evoking emotions, finding a piece that speaks to us, being awe-inspired by the work — those things drive us to bring a collection of work together that embodies the infinite imagination of the human spirit and greatness of the universe."

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