Intuitive Insights
  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • March 2012
Written by  Tina Bensman

A monthly advice column for your energy system – March 2012

Everything in the universe contains energy, yet energy is something many of us don’t understand. Every month Tina Bensman, a practicing clairvoyant and energy healer, is here to answer any questions you have about your energy system. Topics may include energy anatomy, dream analysis, chakra balancing, manifestation, life patterns, etc. The ideas written here do not replace medical attention. Always listen to your body, mind and intuition when receiving advice of any kind.

Dear Tina,

I know that I am intuitive. I can feel my heart telling me what is right or wrong for me to do; however, I can’t see anything visually. Is it possible to learn how to receive intuition through sight or do you have to be born with that ability?

—Eyes But Can’t See

Dear Eyes But Can’t See,

Yes, you are intuitive. What you are describing is an innate heart chakra gift within your spirit and, therefore, body. Heart gifts not only alert you with a change in heartbeat, a swelling in your chest or a change in breathing, it also allows you to heal through your heart and hands. This is a powerful gift that can sometimes be difficult to control. It may sometimes feel like you have to help someone or that you are responsible for fixing other peoples’ problems. If you feel that way, some boundaries are in order!

To answer your question, yes you can learn any intuitive gift you are interested in; however, your naturally born gifts will come more naturally. Why do you want to learn to be clairvoyant (a person that can see energy intuitively)? Clairvoyance gets the most play in media and sometimes people feel like that is the only real way to intuit answers to life’s questions. This is not the case. Your heart intuition works just as strong ... if not stronger!

If you simply want to strengthen the ability to see energy to become more versatile, then here are a few 6th chakra strengtheners you can try:

  • Imagine an apple in your mind. Did you do it? If so, then you have the capability to work with your mind’s eye intuitively. The difference with intuition is that you allow the images to come to you rather than deciding what they will be first.
  • Imagine yourself in a safe, natural setting. What is there? Explore. What do you see, hear, smell, taste and feel?
  • Ask yourself, “What color will help me with ____________ (some issue you’re facing)?” What color came to you? Now surround yourself with that color and go about your day.
  • Pay attention to your dreams. Write them down and even imagine what would happen next after you wake up.

Any activity that allows you to play with your imagination and build trust will also help develop your visual intuition. Good luck and have fun!

Tina, a Madison Intuitive Counselor and Energy Healer, is a lifelong student of the paranormal. She had her first clairvoyant vision at a young age and continues to see and hear energy. Tina is trained in clairvoyant reading and many modalities of energy healing, but through professional training she was disappointed in the methods many schools used to devalue everyone’s natural gifts. Tina started The Chakra House to teach how natural and easy it is to work with energy. She believes that everyone has natural psychic gifts and can access their abilities if they realized their potential.

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